Verbum builds tools for the Church

Regardless of your vocation, our family of tools and resources connects your life to the life of the Church.

Tools for the Church

The Verbum suite

Verbum is part of a suite of digital tools. Share your study with others on, access your library from any web browser with, and add Verbum functionality to your blog with Reftagger. Plus check out our blog, twitter, and facebook pages.

Books and resources

Verbum turns books into digital resources. More than digitizing texts, we tag and link everything, so books integrate seamlessly with each other. We make everything from Bibles to lexicons and from commentaries to papal encyclicals.

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Institutional solutions

Verbum builds powerful tools for people dedicated to learning. Of course that means we have special offers for those dedicated to teaching. Equip your school, parish, or diocese to ensure the highest quality education and catechesis.

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