Simply Understanding the Bible

World Wide Publications, 1990
ISBN: 0890661634


Irving Jensen believes Christians often fail to enjoy their Bible because they rely too much on second-hand results of other people’s study. However, it is important for Christians to study God’s Word for themselves. Simply Understanding the Bible offers three levels at which to approach do-it-yourself Bible study. The “Getting Started” level provides helpful background information on each book of the Bible. Readers who want to survey the Bible quickly may then follow the “First Reading” level through the 66 books. Lastly, those willing to spend more time in Bible study can use the “Building Tools” level where readers can get started on their own programs of personal discovery in God’s Word.

Product Details

  • Title: Simply Understanding the Bible
  • Author: Jensen, Irving L.
  • Publisher: World Wide Publications
  • Publication Date: 1990


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