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The Design and Origin of Man: Evidence for Special Creation and Over-Design

By / Day One / 2013

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Have humans descended from apes, or was man specially created? Do humans have unique characteristics and abilities that set them apart from animals? How you answer these crucial questions determines whether you think of man as an animal or a special spiritual being. This book demonstrates that there is overwhelming evidence that man has a creator. Author and design expert Stuart Burgess explains similarities and differences between humans and apes, describes the unique characteristics and beauty of human beings, marshals archaeological and fossil evidence in favor of intelligent design, and underscores the importance and relevance of the origins debate. This updated edition includes full color illustrations, ample diagrams and charts, and a fully-revised text.

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Discover what legendary preacher Charles Spurgeon had to say about the origins debate in An Interview with C. H. Spurgeon: C. H. Spurgeon on Creation and Evolution.

Key Features

  • Demonstrates that there is overwhelming evidence for intelligent design
  • Explains similarities and differences between humans and apes, presents evidence in favor of intelligent design, and underscores the importance of the origins debate
  • Includes full-color illustrations, ample charts and diagrams, and a fully-revised text


  • Man’s Origin: Accident or Design?
  • The Similarity of Man
    • Explaining the Similarities
  • The Unique Design of Man
    • Upright Stature
    • Skilful Hands
    • Fine Skin
    • Facial Expressions
    • Language and Speech
    • Unique Childhood
    • Unique Reproduction
    • Unique Genome
    • Unique Brain
    • Spiritual Being
  • The Unique Beauty of Man
  • Historical Evidence
    • Archaeological Evidence
    • Fossil Evidence
  • The Importance of Origins
    • Two Worldviews
    • The Unique Glory of Man

Product Details

About Stuart Burgess

Stuart Burgess is a reader in engineering design at Bristol University. His research areas include the study of design in nature. He is the author of He Made the Stars Also: What the Bible Says about the Stars and Hallmarks of Design: Evidence of Purposeful Design and Beauty in Nature.

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