Catholicism is beautiful—it deserves deeper study

Catholicism is wonderfully rich and deeply complex. There is always more to learn, discover, and discuss, and every discovery provides deeper understanding and a fuller participation in the life of Christ.

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Verbum equips you with powerful books and study tools

Verbum takes you into the Tradition with unparalleled access to powerful books, tools, and media. With Verbum, books become information hubs connected to every other book in your library. Start with the Catechism, then, with a simple click, follow footnotes to Vatican II, the writings of the Church Fathers, relevant Bible passages, and new books from your favorite authors.

  • Explore a vast library

    Verbum gives you access to the entire Tradition, from multiple Bible translations to recent texts from authors like Scott Hahn and Peter Kreeft. You’ll get papal encyclicals, the Church Fathers’ writings, reference works, and devotional materials.

  • Read in context

    Don’t just see what a book like the Catechism says—discover what its teaching is based on. Start with any book and find it surrounded by Scripture, commentaries, saints’ lives, and conciliar documents. Verbum equips you to study with the mind of the Church.

  • Get answers

    Verbum provides extensive searching options so you can narrow your results to exactly what you’re looking for. Pinpoint every time a word appears near another term and search specific types of images. You can also search by part of speech with Verbum’s Clause Search.

Learn from the entirety of Tradition with just one click

Immediately see where a topic or verse has been discussed throughout the Tradition. Dive into Church documents, the Catechism, or apologetic resources related to a certain topic or Bible verse. And with linked panels, the references automatically refresh according to your location in a text.

Study relevant references

The Cited By tool displays a list of references to your passage, so you can see everywhere Aquinas talked about today’s Gospel or how the recent popes have treated a certain article from Vatican II.

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Find exactly what you’re looking for

Whether you’re looking for a commentary on your favorite Bible verse, or places where Jesus addressed the topic of humility, Verbum’s search tools and guides give you easy access to the information you want. And if you want to dig even deeper, you can always see more with one click.

Use smart guides and intuitive search tools

Open a Topic Guide to see relevant Church documents and more, or use the Passage Guide to see cross-references from your library and Scripture commentaries, including the Ignatius Study Bible, the Navarre Bible, the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, and many more.

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Connect with the universal Church

Verbum’s social features allow you to share notes with friends from your parish and across the world. Discuss the writings of the Church Fathers with your friend down the street, then share your insights with a priest on another continent—with Verbum, the Catholic Church is truly a global community.

Share your findings, learn from others

Create Community Notes or distribute copies of your personal notes. You can share ideas with a small group of friends, your entire parish, or the entire Faithlife community.

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Equip yourself for the New Evangelization

Be prepared to discuss and defend the Faith in person and through new media. Use existing apologetics resources, like those from Catholic Answers, or explore the Faith yourself. Verbum’s collections help you organize your library and find the best commentaries, modern theological resources, and saints’ lives.

Take Verbum anywhere

Keep your library in your pocket and access Verbum on your phone, tablet, or computer. Verbum has the answers you want, when you want them. You can even log in to your account from a friend’s computer to quickly pull up a text or share notes.