Introducing Verbum

This video will guide you through a general overview of the Verbum application, explaining the basic tools and features. This is part of the Verbum 360 Training course. If you already own Verbum 360 Training, you can access the full course within your software by opening the Library menu and searching for "Verbum 360 Training".


Note: Verbum & Logos

It’s worth noting, Verbum is built on the Logos platform. If you’ve used previous versions of Verbum or Logos, many of the features and tools should feel very familiar. And most functions in the current version of Logos are almost unchanged in Verbum.

If you already have Verbum and purchase a Verbum 7 library, you can simply restart your software to download your upgrade.

If you want to download the free Verbum engine, you can get it here.

More Verbum Training

Because of the similarities between Verbum and Logos, many of the free Logos training materials on can be applied to Verbum as well. Suggested below, as a starting point, are a few helpful Logos training topics that are equally applicable in Verbum.