Insight from the Tradition

Understand the Tradition
Verbum provides a massive digital library built on powerful research tools. Browse by topic or Bible verse and see what’s been said throughout the Church’s rich Tradition. Share discoveries with your friends, and discuss your reading with your parish, your classmates, or your family.
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Connect Scripture and Tradition

Generate a Concordance to browse the important words and references in your Bible, the Catechism, or any other book in your library, or use our new Passage Guide sections to see topically arranged citations of your passage in works of systematic theology and the creeds and catechisms of the Church.
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Advanced Catholic Bible Study

Verbum 7’s expanded tagging of the Greek of the deuterocanonical books and new interlinears for the NABRE, RSVCE, and the Latin Vulgate bring the full power of Faithlife’s Bible study technology to the whole of Scripture. Connect your favorite English translation back through the Latin of the Vulgate and into the original Greek and Hebrew.
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Enter the World of the Bible

Verbum 7 includes stunning media that brings the world and words of the Bible to new life. Explore a first-century tomb, browse Scripture with innovative, interactive visuals, see how New Testament writers used the Old Testament, and more.
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Amazing Resources

Verbum provides multiple translations of the Bible and the texts of the Tradition in a massive digital Library. Then, our advanced tools let you study all these texts fluidly and intuitively. Find answers in the full context of the Tradition, and see what saints, scholars, and popes have said about a verse or topic. Check out our Topical Index for relevant, curated results.
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Stunning Artwork
Verbum’s Treasury of Sacred Art has been expanded to add 500 new images from artists like Caravaggio, El Greco, and Raphael, and the new Media tool makes it easier than ever to search or browse the Church’s artistic heritage for a person, event or reference. (Note: Treasury of Sacred Art, vol. 2 isn't quite finished. It will automatically download to Verbum as soon as it's complete. Also, some images are only available in the Media tool with a Verbum Now membership.)
Study the Tradition visually

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