Introducing the New Version of Verbum

Verbum 8’s digital books and tools empower any Catholic to understand Scripture and explore Church tradition.

Everything You Need to Study
the Catholic Faith

Find Catholic insights from hundreds of books without ever
flipping a page.

Quick links to what you need to know on any Bible passage

Look up a passage or topic and Verbum instantly reads all your books, giving you quick summaries and links to what you need to know.

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A powerful search engine made for Catholic study

Pinpoint anything in English, Latin, Greek, or Hebrew, even if you don’t know the original languages. You can even do a word study in a few clicks.

Step-by-step Catholic study instructions

Choose the type of study you want to do—like lectio divina or homily prep—and Verbum walks you through each step.

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A seminary library in your pocket

Commentaries, dictionaries, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew resources, devotionals, and other books are built right in. Study with the web app, mobile app, or downloadable desktop app.

Logos resources

For devotions. For homilies. For research. For everybody.

Start your morning with meaningful devotions, prepare Sunday’s homily with your favorite commentaries, or write a research paper using powerful Latin, Greek, and Hebrew tools. Verbum has the resources—and price options—that fit you.

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Verbum 8 saves you


Compared to purchasing a library book-by-book

Installation is

2X faster

Than Verbum 7

Searching is up to

10X faster

Than Verbum 7

Real Verbum Users. Real Results.

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