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Equip Yourself with Digital Tools for Catholic Scholarship

Verbum combines time-saving research tools with a trusted library of Catholic resources that will serve you throughout a lifetime in academe or ministry. Join the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and other schools and seminaries that use Verbum in their teaching and scholarship.

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search the scriptures

Writing research papers? Verbum cites sources automatically.

Verbum turns your phone, tablet, and computer into a searchable seminary library, and when Verbum finds what you’re looking for, it cites it too. Just choose a citation style, and Verbum automatically includes the citation when you paste a quotation. And when you travel to a conference to deliver your paper, any device with Verbum lets you take a library with you in your carry-on.

original languages

Studying original languages? Verbum makes clear Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.

Verbum reads Latin, Greek, and Hebrew for you, defining lemmas and parsing words with a host of lexica and grammars. What would require an entire bookcase of reference materials happens in a few clicks.

From St. Augustine and St. Thomas to Ratzinger and von Balthasar, Verbum links together the whole Tradition.

Verbum interlinks the whole history of biblical commentary and theology in the Church. Resources in Verbum are not merely ebooks: texts are tagged so that when St. Thomas mentions St. Augustine or St. Augustine refers to Ezekiel, a single click reveals the reference.

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Software for Every Specialty

We’ve designed collections of resources and tools for Catholic scholars and students of biblical studies and theology, as well as an exclusive collection that’s used at the Biblicum in Rome. Theology collections coming soon.

Biblical Studies

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