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If I get a “lower base package,” will I lose my books or features? For example, I own Verbum 7 Gold. Will I lose my Gold status if I Get Verbum 8 Silver?

Every Verbum 8 package is an upgrade, and each one will add new books and/or features to your current package. In the example above, you keep your Gold features and books, and the new features and books in Silver are added on top. Once you purchase a package, it’s yours forever, and you never lose your “status.”

Will I lose any books if I upgrade?

No. A Verbum 8 upgrade will add books and/or features to everything you already own. There is no risk of losing any book or feature when you upgrade.

Where are my notes?

Verbum 8 introduces the brand new Notes tool. All previous and future notes will appear there. Capture your thoughts on any passage, and they’ll automatically stick to the verses you’re studying. Pull related research together into notebooks, and share them with friends.

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