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Introducing Verbum 8

Powerful tools and books that empower anyone to study Scripture and explore Church tradition.

Serious Catholic Study Made Simple

Every Catholic wants to study the Mind of the Church, and now anybody can. Verbum 8 makes deep study accessible, whether you’re doing devotions or preparing a homily.


Step-by-step Catholic study instructions

Choose the type of study you want to do—like lectio divina or homily prep—and Verbum 8 walks you through each step, linking you to the right books and tools along the way.

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Home Page

A central dashboard for Catholic study

The Home Page is a single place to launch the study plans, lectionary readings, or books and tools you use every day. Just drag, drop, or delete to organize.


An Intuitive New Way to Work the Text

Dig into a passage

Rearrange a biblical passage to show logic and emphasis

Mark it up

Make connections by circling, highlighting, and underlining.

Give Context

Add info cards that draw on Verbum tools like Bible Word Study

Share It

Share your expertise on social media in just a few clicks

Study Scripture and Tradition without Getting Overwhelmed


A Catholic study library is built right in

When you get Verbum 8, you pick a library from lots of size options. But you won’t have to read all those books yourself. Just look up a passage, and Verbum reads your books for you, giving you just the information you need so you’re never overwhelmed.


The ultimate Bible encyclopedia

It’s a Bible encyclopedia made out of all the books in your library. Just look up a biblical person, place, thing, event, or concept and this tool scours all your books to create a comprehensive article.

Custom Guides

Customize any Guide to fit your study

Know the Verbum tools you need? Add or delete sections from the Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, Bible Word Study Guide, and all the rest. The next time you open it, it’s just how you left it. Or launch a single section as a stand-alone guide.

Church Fathers Take Center Stage

The Church Fathers are at the heart of in-depth Catholic study, and Verbum 8 libraries include some of the most sought-after patristic collections available.

“Verbum is so much, much more than just Bible study. It’s a program for accessing the mind of the body of Christ — the great intellectual tradition of Western Christianity.”

- Carl, Lay Cistercian, author, Verbum user since 2014

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Faster Than Ever

Verbum 8 saves you


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10X faster

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An Investment Worth Making

More Tools, Less Work

Explore all the new features in Verbum 8

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