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Answering difficult questions not in the RCIA curriculum?

How do you answer when a catechumen asks a question you haven’t prepared for? Verbum organizes the wisdom of the Church topically so that you can search for everything from Excommunication and Concupiscence to the Priesthood of Christ and Natural Law and see references from Scripture, catechism, church documents, church fathers, and more. Go to the sources—ad fontes!—cited by the catechism so you can teach the fullness of faith.

Finding your class preparation difficult or scattered?

Do you have trouble preparing for classes or using notes and outlines from earlier years? Verbum puts all your notes, highlights, and saved passages together and syncs them between multiple devices.

Trying to teach the Bible in line with the teachings of the Church?

When you teach Scripture, you want to know you’re teaching with the mind of the Church. Verbum puts Scripture in the context of the magisterium. Approach Scripture through the liturgical calendar or catechism, pair your reading with trusted Catholic commentaries, and pray with Scripture with step-by-step instructions on Lectio Divina.

Verbum 10 Starter

Verbum 10

Verbum 10 Starter

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130+ resources

Early Church Fathers Special Catholic Edition (37 vols.)

Catholic Bible Dictionary

Personal Prayer: A Guide for Receiving the Father’s Love

The John Paul II Healing Center Collection (3 vols.)

Verbum 10 Bronze

Verbum 10

Verbum 10 Bronze

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340+ resources

The Catholic Encyclopedia (16 vols.)

The Hildebrand Project Chapbook Collection (4 vols.)

New Collegeville Bible Commentary (2 vols.)

A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament

Verbum 10 Silver

Verbum 10

Verbum 10 Silver

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700+ resources

Dietrich von Hildebrand Examined Life Collection (4 vols.)

Liturgical Press Reference Collection (7 vols.)

CUA Verbum Domini Series (3 vols)

Lawrence Feingold Fundamental and Sacramental Theology Collection (3 Vols.)

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