The Gift That Keeps on Giving—and Living

Give Verbum this Easter.

Bless a new Catholic or clergy member with the very same powerful Catholic study software you use to learn Scripture and Tradition with depth, clarity, speed, and ease.

How It Works

Buy a Gift

Buy your gift before midnight (PT) on Wednesday of Holy Week, and you will receive a gift code on Holy Thursday (codes are not sent instantaneously).

Send the Code

Once received, you may then send the code to its recipient, and he will redeem the gift himself.

*Buying either product will not unlock any resources for the purchaser.

Easter Gifts That Rise to the Occasion

Verbum Fundamentals—Great for New Catholics

An essentials-only package, Fundamentals helps you find what you need fast without getting overwhelmed.

Key Features

  • Key Church documents
  • Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church & YouCat
  • Devotionals
  • Theological works
  • Two English Bible translations and interlinears
  • ...and more

Your Price: $99

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Verbum Clergy Starter —Perfect for Deacon or Priest

All of the vital features and resources for clerical ministry with a focus on preaching, including biblical exegesis and commentaries for homily preparation, as well as key resources for pastoral ministry and catechesis.

Key Features

  • Key Church documents from St. John Paul II, Pope Francis, and others
  • Catechetical & ministry resources
  • Commentaries and other essential exegetical resources
  • Verbum's Advanced Homiletic Training video series
  • Many theological works including the Summa Theologica
  • Key spiritual texts from St. Ignatius and St. Augustine
  • Three English Bible translations and interlinears
  • ...and more

Your Price: $299

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How will the people I’m buying Verbum for receive it?

We will send your redemption code before Easter. You can send it to whomever you wish, and they can redeem their code here. When they redeem the code, they will see instructions for installing Verbum.

When will they receive it?

We will send redemption codes before Good Friday; it is up to you to deliver the code to the person to whom you are gifting Verbum. Please note that you will not receive the redemption code at the moment of the transaction; codes will not be delivered until Maundy Thursday.

Will any resources be added to my library if I purchase these gift packages?

No. Purchasing either of the gift options above will not unlock any resources or features in your Verbum library. The resources and features will only be unlocked to the gift recipient when he/she redeems them.

Where can the recipients of my gift redeem their codes?

They can redeem their codes here.