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“I am so glad that we partnered with Verbum to put this software into the hands of our priests and deacons. It is an excellent resource for crafting better homilies and for prayer and study as well. All Catholics can benefit from Verbum and grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.”

— Most Rev. Samuel J. Aquila, Archbishop of Denver

“As Catholics, we are called to read the Scriptures from the heart of the Church, from within the living Tradition, and to be transformed by our encounter with the Living Word. Verbum is an amazing tool toward this end. It illuminates the text of sacred Scripture with valuable sources from our Tradition, allowing us to study the Word of God in symphony with the fathers, doctors, and saints, and in harmony with the Magisterium. What is more, Verbum enables you to enter more deeply into the biblical text itself—studying the Greek or Hebrew, even for those with limited knowledge of these languages. I use Verbum myself, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all Catholics who are looking to grow deeper in their faith and understanding.”

— Dr. Scott Hahn, founder, Professor of Theology and Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville

“Our seminarians and faculty have been using Verbum for several years. It is an outstanding academic tool for the study of Scripture and the doctrine of the Catholic Church. It has helped our seminarians in the classroom and to prepare homilies. It helps them gather information for their own teaching in parishes and schools and it enriches their prayer lives. Personally, I use Verbum every day to help me meditate on Scripture and I often use it for my own homily preparation and teaching. It is like having an entire library just one click away!”

— Rev. Msgr. Andrew R. Baker, S.T.D., Rector at Mount St. Mary's Seminary

“Verbum is the most important and the most powerful asset in my library. I’m constantly on the hunt for more resources, better research, and greater functionality—Verbum delivers. With any Catholic topic, I can quickly create a dynamic study of Bible references, Canon Law, Church Fathers, magisterial documents, and countless compendiums, commentaries, and catechisms. And it is more than an electronic library. Only Verbum enables notes, cross references, clips, text comparisons, visual filters, and exegetical guides and dozens of other tools to be synthesized into a homily, a presentation, or the makings of the next great resource for pious Catholics. There is simply no better way to access, study, and organize Catholic resources for learning and research than Verbum software. I enthusiastically recommend it to clergy, educators, and every other student of Mother Church.”

— Shaun McAfee, author / founder and editor of

“This software is simply incredible. From researching a scripture passage for a homily, to referencing Canon Law and the Catechism when drafting policies, my work is easier, more enjoyable, and the things I am producing are more effective.”

— Fr. Randy Dollins, Moderator of the Curia, Archdiocese of Denver

“I highly recommend Verbum for everyone engaged in ministry or studying for it, whether as priests, deacons, or lay ecclesial ministers. Last year over 80 seminarians, faculty, and commuter students at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit purchased Verbum. It is a wonderful tool. Without doubt Verbum provides the best electronic format available for reading or consulting the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. The live links to Scripture, the Catechism, other magisterial documents, various translations, and other Scripture resources make it a breeze to use, not only on a computer, but on all kinds of devices. I do a daily lectio continua of the Greek New Testament on my Kindle Fire using the Verbum app. When I encounter a word or form I don’t know or want to study, the information I seek is available at the touch of a finger.”

— Dr. Peter S. Williamson, Adam Cardinal Maida Chair of Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and Editor of Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture

“In multiple different professions over the years, I have found Verbum to be among the most invaluable of research tools. The extensive and constantly expanding library has enabled me to consult a variety of sources that I just can’t afford to purchase as hard copies. Instead of spending hours and days visiting libraries and getting inter-library loans, I can conduct a quick computer search. Verbum has granted me unparalleled access to the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, ancient primary texts, and the best of the secondary literature on any given topic. In all my various roles—student and aspiring scholar, parish and diocesan catechist, secondary school teacher, and even headmaster of a school—Verbum has been a life-saving technology. It is no exaggeration to say that I have used it each and every day for nearly a decade in service of the Gospel and the Church.”

— Lucas Heintschel, Headmaster at Saint Joseph Academy, Escondido, California

“Verbum is always thinking ahead and providing opportunities for Christians to engage Christ in His word. I highly recommend it.”

— Jeff Cavins, President of the Great Adventure Company, director of the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute based at the St. Paul Seminary

“This is my idea of social media. Verbum empowers us to engage deeply with the Fathers, drawing from several translation series plus a selection of texts in the original Latin and Greek. And that's not all! There's also a vast library of secondary scholarship on the early Church. Having Verbum on your phone is like having the complete Library of Alexandria in your back pocket — only better, because you can choose from a variety of translations of the Fathers and peruse the original texts in Latin and Greek. It doesn't get any better than this.”

— Mike Aquilina, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

“I absolutely love Verbum! I use it for its devotional features, including the Eastern Saint of the day and the Byzantine Lectionary readings, along with the passage study feature. My audience also benefits from it, as they’ve found it to be a helpful tool during my in-depth live streams. Best of all, my library always continues to grow because of the free Catholic book of the month, which Verbum offers for all users, regardless of their plan!”

— Michael Lofton, Host of Reason & Theology

“I recommend Verbum to all clergy, seminarians, and laity who want ready and reliable access to resources that will deepen one’s knowledge and love for the Word of God revealed in Sacred Scripture and Holy Tradition. Drawing especially on some of the best of the biblical, liturgical, patristic, and magisterial traditions of both East and West available in writing, this platform is an indispensable tool to educate, equip, and inspire both modern disciples and ministers of the Gospel.”

— Fr. Daniel Dozier, Byzantine Catholic Priest, Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary, Host of the Becoming Byzantine Catechetical Series

“I use Verbum constantly, I am convinced of its value, and I enthusiastically recommend it to others.”

— Jimmy Akin, Senior Apologist at Catholic Answers

“Download Verbum and experience Catholic and Bible study like never before. There is no competition for this marvelous program.”

— Steve Ray, Popular speaker and author of St. John’s Gospel, Upon This Rock, Crossing the Tiber, and host of the popular TV series The Footprints of God.

“Verbum is not just the premier Bible software today; it’s the most powerful scriptural tool in the history of the Church.”

— Brandon Vogt, Author of the book, The Church and New Media: Blogging Converts, Online Activists, and Bishops Who Tweet

“I can’t say enough good things about Verbum. There is absolutely no comparison to what they have done in Bible software technology. Just about everything that a student of Scripture could possibly want is now at their fingertips! You can have a great assortment of resources right on your iPad and take it with you wherever you go! And now students of Catholic Scripture Study International will have not only this wealth of information available to them, along with their CSS studies, but also the means to study and share new insights and information with other CSS students around the world. This is truly answered prayer!”

— Gail Buckley, Founder & president of Catholic Scripture Study International and host of the weekly national radio program The Bible Lady.