Verbum has dozens of powerful tools and features designed to help you get the most out of your studies. Whether you want to see what the Church Fathers have said about a particular passage, or you’re simply curious how the Church treats a given topic, Verbum’s features make it easy to study the Faith.

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Get comprehensive information on biblical people, places, events, and concepts. With over 20,000 entries, Verbum’s Factbook contains entries from the ancient world to the modern day. Whether you’re studying a topic, tracing the history of the Church, or learning more about a biblical figure, the Factbook gives you answers in seconds.

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Cited By

When you read books in Verbum, every line links to centuries of Church Tradition. The Cited By tool shows you where any given passage has been cited by other authors in your library. From St. Irenaeus to Pope Pius XII to Hans Urs von Balthazar, the greatest minds from the history of the Church are dynamically applied to your study.

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Passage Guide

Verbum makes it easier than ever to understand the depth of Scripture. Open a Passage Guide to see a variety of helpful resources for any scriptural selection. You’ll be presented with relevant Catholic topics, commentaries, biblical facts, and selections from the liturgy and Tradition of the Church.

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The Catholic Faith cannot be understood apart from community. That’s why Verbum gives you tools to stay connected to priests, students, scholars, and the rest of the faithful. Ask questions, share insights, and study with others—within the software, or on

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Build an index of words and references in the Bible, the Catechism, or any other book in your library; browse the results to explore the use of important words and references to key authors, or filter them by headings and other fields to drill down to the information you want.


Vulgate Interlinears

Vulgate interlinear texts make it easy to study and learn the Latin of the Vulgate and allow you to connect it to the Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible. Trace the transmission of the Scriptures from the original languages through the Latin text that was the Bible of the Western Church for almost a millennium and half and into the modern era!


The Bible Browser

The Bible Browser allows you to comb through the entire biblical text and use Verbum’s sophisticated tagging to filter down to just the passages you want to see. For example, you can apply filters to just view all the passages where Jesus and the Temple are both mentioned or all the passages where Judas and Peter appear together. (Requires Verbum Now membership.)


Perform sophisticated searches in English, Greek, and Hebrew—without leaving your open resource. Verbum gives you the ability to stay focused on your research as you interact with search results or examine a word’s original-language lemma. Simply right-click on a word in the text and powerful language tools present you with every instance of that word in Scripture.

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Cultural Concepts

Build an index of words and references in the Bible, the Catechism, or any other book in your library; browse the results to explore the use of important words and references to key authors, or filter them by headings and other fields to drill down to the information you want.


Interactive Media

Verbum’s Interactive Media tools visualize information and present biblical concepts in a way that makes sense to the modern reader. Discover how many liters are in an ephah, learn the geographical significance of Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well, or enhance your study of Psalms and Proverbs. Interactive Media tools help you engage in God’s Word in a fun and meaningful way.

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Treasury of Sacred Art

Verbum’s Treasury of Sacred Art turns your software into a digital museum with over 1,300 works of art from Fra Angelico, El Greco, Caravaggio, Raphael, and more. Browse paintings of your favorite saints, or see the Bible come to life as you read. Plus, with comprehensive tagging of people, places, and events, every image is seamlessly integrated into Verbum’s powerful Factbook and Guides.

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Advanced Searching

When you search for something in Verbum, the software knows what each word means and how it’s used. Verbum provides you with powerful search operators and options for customization, allowing you to easily find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re searching across one collection or across all your books, Verbum suggests specific queries to find answers in Scripture and Tradition.

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Synchronized Scrolling/Link Sets

Verbum helps you study resources side by side for easy textual comparison. When you link two or more resources together, each of them will remain dynamically connected as you study. Reading panes will scroll together, and clicking a link in one resource will cause all your other resources to jump to the corresponding section.

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Liturgical Layout

Clicking a Lectionary link on the home page will automatically open Verbum’s Liturgical Layout. The lectionary entry for the day is displayed, along with Scripture, commentaries, citations, and other relevant information. All these sections are dynamically linked, allowing you to surround each of the day’s readings with a wealth of contextual information.

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Searchable Notes and Highlighting

Verbum allows you to highlight passages in all your resources, as well as take notes on your chosen topic of study. More powerful than their paper-edition counterparts, your notes and highlights dynamically interact with what you’re reading. What’s more, all your notes and highlights are fully searchable, allowing you to find key passages with ease.

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Catholic Topical Index

Start your study of the Church with a comprehensive index of over 500 Catholic topics. Verbum pulls together passages from Scripture, Church documents, the writings of Church Fathers, and more. These resources all link to the relevant sections of the works in which they appear, allowing you to further your study of the development of Catholic doctrine and teaching.

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Clause Search

Clause Search helps you search more precisely than ever before. Get results containing not only the words you searched for, but the ideas they express. Verbum can tell you the referent of any word in the Bible, and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Bible Word Study

Verbum’s impressive original-language capabilities make studying Greek, Hebrew, and Latin easy, whatever your knowledge level. Simply highlighting any word in the Bible allows you to perform an in-depth word study. You’ll be presented with the word in its original language, as well as all the times it occurs and how it’s translated in each case.

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Saints Database

Verbum includes a massive database of over 500 holy men and women, spanning the last two thousand years. Read quick details about their lives, and discover even more with links to further study resources. The Saints Database also includes hundreds of paintings, photographs, and other visual aids designed to help you become more familiar with the saints.

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Everything Search

Verbum’s powerful search now finds “everything.” From books, to media, to biblical passages, your entire library is just a quick search away.

Visual Copy

Preparing for your next presentation has never been easier. The Visual Copy tool takes text and images and builds attractive slides in seconds.

Ask the Author

Get answers from your favorite authors right within a text. The Ask the Author tool lets you ask questions, share comments, and start discussions about any passage in your Verbum books.


Verbum now opens Wikipedia links in a dedicated software panel. Take notes, highlight text, and continue your research without leaving the software.

Go Box

Perform detailed searches right from the home page. The Go Box lets you search your entire library for any passage or topic.

Maps and Infographics

Enhance your study with easy-to-understand depictions of information. Verbum comes with hundreds of maps, infographics, and other images to present detailed information in intuitive and informative ways.


Verbum allows you to fully customize the layout to suit your needs. Open multiple reading panes to compare texts side by side. Choose which books and resources you see on your home page. Open books and other resources in easy-to-navigate tabs. The best part? You can save each of your layouts to conveniently return to your study at any time, on any computer.

Topic Guide

When you search for a particular topic, Verbum presents you with other places that topic is referenced throughout your library. Key passages connect to relevant people, places, things, and events.

Information Panel

Understand difficult words with one click. The Information Panel shows you the definition of a word, as well as all the ways it’s been translated from its original language.

Search Suggestions

Verbum knows what you want to search for before you even finish typing. Learn to perform complex queries by clicking simple suggestions, or let Verbum complete the string you’ve already begun typing.

Reading Plans

Read books on your own, or with others. Reading plans break Scripture and other resources into manageable sections, allowing you to set reading goals for yourself and your groups.


With Verbum, you’re connected to a vast community of like-minded scholars and students. See what others are saying about Verbum books and resources, and upload ratings of your own.

Prayer Lists

Keep track of your prayer intentions while you study. Get prayer reminders, and make them the first thing you see on your Verbum homepage.

Community Highlighting

See what other scholars and students find noteworthy. Highlights made by other Verbum users are visible in your library as well.

Basic Search

Quickly search your entire library, or any part of it, for a passage or topic. With Verbum, even the most basic searches give you detailed and relevant results.

Bible Search

Narrow your search to find more detailed information in Scripture. Search within the words of Christ, or search for a particular word in proximity to a specific Bible reference.

Visual Filters

Toggle visual filters to show Timeline flags, speaker tags, notes, and page numbers in your open resources.

Reverse Interlinears

See word-by-word comparisons across translations, and access Strong’s numbers, the Bible Sense Lexicon, and Bible Word Study with just a click.

Lifetime License

You’ll never have to worry about losing your Verbum books and resources. All your purchases come with a lifetime license that can be used on any of your devices.


Organize your library with pre-made collections of resources, or make your own to suit your study.

Power Lookup

When you select a verse, Verbum will automatically display every instance where it’s referenced across your entire library. See the same verse in other translations, compare it to its original-language source, or see how the Church incorporates Scripture into her liturgy and doctrine. Power Lookup not only presents you with the context of any verse, but also opens up all-new avenues for study.


Access the daily readings right from the home page. Verbum automatically presents you with links to the current day’s readings, which open the powerful Liturgical Layout when clicked.

Graph Search Results

See how many times a given work appears in the Bible (or any of its books), and graph your findings with a click.

Morph Search

Search for original-language words by their lemma, morphological form, or surface form, and narrow your search according to your needs. You can find every instance of every form of λογος, or just specific occurrences of λογιζὸμενος.

Syntax Search

Search for specific original-language words without typing in Greek or Hebrew. No need to know the words’ linguistic forms—or even what they’re called.


See it all, from Genesis to the present day—biblical, Church, and world history. Timeline events link to more information, so you can dig deeper.

Personal Books

Verbum makes it easy to incorporate your own research and writing into your digital library. Once you’ve added your own work, you can study and reference it with all of Verbum’s powerful tools. You’ll be able to include your works in any of your collections, and search them alongside your Verbum books.


Save and search memorable passages and quotes, along with their citations.

Custom Guides

Create a custom guide that presents search results in categories relevant to you, or tweak Verbum’s pre-made passage guide to be more applicable to your study.

Exegetical Guide

Get into the original languages, even if you don’t know Greek, Hebrew, or Latin. See a word-by-word breakdown of any biblical passage, and explore lexicons, grammars, sentence diagrams, and audio pronunciations.

Passage Analysis

Analyze details about any passage, including graphs and word comparisons across different translations.


Learn to pronounce hundreds of biblical Greek words with Verbum’s built-in sound clips.

Read Aloud

Hear any Verbum book read aloud in a library that’s accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Create your own keyboard shortcuts, or use Verbum’s defaults to make highlighting, bookmarking, and saving documents simple.

Quick Commands

Perform a number of functions from the command bar, or make any of your tools, books, or commands more easily accessible by dragging them to the home page.

Reading View

When all you want to do is read, you can see your book in full screen, distraction-free.


Verbum provides you with instant information related to the verse or passage that you’re currently reading. The Explorer pane is automatically populated with information about what events are taking place, which people are involved, and any relevant media. It even provides links to cross-references and commentaries, helping you further your study.


View verse references on mouseover, open cross-references with a click, and dig deep into the text.

Window Management

Arrange your panels and windows however you like. Verbum’s templates help you make the most of your screen; when you find a setup that you like, you can save it or set it as default.

Lookup Tool

Easily look up any word in any book; then right-click to find grammars, encyclopedia articles, and more.


Verbum backs up all your resources, notes, and settings. Take your study with you on any computer or mobile device!

Contents Pane

Navigate any resource with a hyperlinked table of contents that’s easy to use and never gets in your way.


Mark resources with custom tags to find, sort, and cite books grouped by your personal categories.


Verbum builds your bibliography for you. Anytime you copy text from one of your resources, Verbum will instantly create a bibliographical citation in your desired format.

Scripture Memory Tool

Learn your favorite passages by heart. Verbum’s tools help you memorize any portion of Scripture.

Text Comparison

Compare any number of texts side by side. The Text Comparison tool allows you to view a verse-by-verse comparison of your favored biblical translation. You’ll be presented with the degree of difference between each translation, with differences highlighted.


See footnotes by hovering over any in-text footnote indicator, or click through to read the original source within your Verbum library.

Sentence Diagrams

Create new English, Greek, or Hebrew sentence diagrams for your presentation or research paper.

Sermon Starter Guide

Type in a passage or topic and get a smart list of related Scriptures, commentaries, outline suggestions, and more.

Bible Sense Lexicon

Go beyond biblical words—see how meanings relate. The Bible Sense Lexicon connects Greek, Hebrew, and English word senses, so you can discover how specific or general a given term is.

Visual Bookmarks

Leave bookmarks in your text, and keep reading right where you left off.

Right Click Menu

The right-click menu gives you far more options than just copy and paste. It lets you perform word studies, open passage guides, or run searches, all in one convenient place.

Sympathetic Highlighting

Compare original-language selections with ease. Highlighting a biblical passage in one translation will automatically highlight the same passage in the original Greek.

Resource Stats

See stats on all your books. You can tell which books you’ve completed, which ones are new, which ones you reference most frequently, and more.

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