Searchable Notes and Highlighting

Notes and Highlighting are more powerful than ever in Verbum. Make your study personal and meaningful with detailed annotations.

  • Search inside any of your notes and highlights.
  • See notes across any translation of a text.
  • Take advantage of Verbum’s tools.

“Now a man ought to apply study to every matter, in order to do aright what has to be done.”

(Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica)

Take notes on any book in your library

Verbum lets you highlight and annotate any passage within any of your resources. When you want to read something afresh, simply hide your notes and highlighting.

Don’t miss a detail

Notes in Verbum are detailed and powerful. Make clippings of particular passages or quotes, add your own comments, and even link to other texts and tools in your library.

Make your notes more valuable

Each of your notes becomes a dynamic part of your library. All your searches will find information within your notes, and each of Verbum’s tools will incorporate your contributions into your study.

Find notes anywhere

Whenever you make a note referencing a verse or passage, it will be visible within the text. Hover on a note icon to preview the note, or click it to jump right to your notebook. If you open the same resource in another language or translation, your note will be visible there as well.

Make your notes personal

Verbum offers you dozens of options to customize the appearance and behavior of your notes and highlights. You can easily distinguish quotes from Jesus in one style, and your own reflections on a passage in another. Each of these highlighting styles is dynamically saved in its own notebooks for easy reference later.

Personalize your study with a
Verbum library built for you.

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