Treasury of Sacred Art

Enjoy a wealth of classical art relating to your study of Scripture and Tradition. With over 800 fully-tagged images, Verbum’s Treasury of Sacred Art introduces the Church’s rich artistic heritage to your research.

  • Offers over 800 comprehensively tagged paintings and illustrations
  • Presents classic works from the fourteenth to the twentieth centuries
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“. . . so I would have you understand that our Maker also, painting the portrait to resemble His own beauty,
by the addition of virtues, as it were with colors, shows in us His
own sovereignty. . .”

(Gregory of Nyssa, On the Making of Man 5.1)

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Wander through the gallery to see classical depictions of biblical narrative such as James Tissot’s The Life of Christ series, images of the saints by Peter Paul Rubens, and scenes from the life of Mary by Fra Angelico. Each image includes descriptive detail on the artist and medium.

Access artwork from the Factbook and Guides

The Treasury of Sacred Art becomes a natural extension of your study. If you‘re reading the passion narrative in Luke 23, for example, Verbum‘s Passage Guide will present you with dozens of depictions of Christ‘s crucifixion. Or you can open up the Factbook to see paintings of Pontius Pilate, the mocking soldiers, and Simon of Cyrene.

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