The Life of Saint Francis
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The Life of Saint Francis

Composed between 1260 and 1263 at the bidding of a Chapter-General of the Order, The Life of Saint Francis was intended to supersede former “Lives or Legends,” and to become the official biography of the Saint. This classic volume is a standard reference for the study of the life of Saint Francis.

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The Life of Saint Francis The Life of Saint Francis and Mystical Opuscula for just 99 cents! Mystical Opuscula

Mystical Opuscula

by St. Bonaventure

This volume contains five works that cemented Bonaventure’s reputation as a mystical theologian: The Journey of the Mind to God, The Triple Way, Tree of Life, Mystical Vine, and On the Perfection of Life. This edition of José de Vinck’s translation of these texts is considered the authoritative, critical edition.”

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