The Sense of the Supernatural
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The Sense of the Supernatural

Jean Borella explores the modernist crisis in Catholic theology, its causes and implications, and offers a solution to the fundamental dilemma of the Western Christian mind and a path to the recovery of the sense of the sacred.

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The Eucharistic Communion and the World

The Eucharistic Communion and the World

by Various Authors

The theology of John Zizioulas presents a beautiful vision of the church as Eucharistic communion, in which human persons both are gathered into Jesus Christ and are sent back into the world. In his previous books, Zizioulas focused on the way this communion is related to the communion of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which calls us to understand being as communion and provides the only foundation for otherness and identity.

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Theopolitical Imagination

Theopolitical Imagination

by William T. Cavanaugh

The task of responding to Enlightenment and Postmodern understandings of socio-economic reality has become increasingly urgent in a world where Christian communities feel themselves drowned and eroded by global consumerism. Radical Orthodoxy and its related movements and groups of thinkers have confronted today's secular triumphalists with the evidence that its own political theories are deeply, if unconsciously, theological. There is no escape from theology, which alone cuts deeply enough to expose the violence at the root of modern secular society and the deceptive promise of salvation through the State. Catherine Pickstock has drawn attention to the importance of the liturgy at the heart of Western civilization. Now William T. Cavanaugh develops the theme of liturgy as a political act, and the Eucharist as the basis for Christian resistance to 'structures of sin'.

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