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Christian Book of Records

Format: Digital
, 2002


The Christian Book of Records is a rich compendium of facts and events shaping Christianity over the past 2000 years. The work unfolds a detailed collection of historical fact, mapping of ministry, and biography of believers.

This colorful handbook is both a resource for knowledge and a sourcebook for enlightening entertainment. Browse through mottos and sayings, trivia, little-known facts, statistics and hundreds of facts on Christianity, the Bible, Christian leaders, and more!

Topics cover a wide and exciting selection—archaeological discoveries, famous personalities, great martyrs of the faith, visions, conversions, church buildings, and a century by century chronological overview of the development of Christianity. Expand your knowledge of the Bible, church history, Christian doctrine and practices through this accessible and easy to read reference.

Delve into The Christian Book of Records and unveil the testimony of faith through the won't be able to put it down!


  • The Bible: statistics, translations, archaeological discoveries
  • The Spread of Christianity: first apostles, missions, 20th century evangelism
  • Christian Thought: writers, mottoes, science
  • Christian Experience: conversions, prophesies, visions
  • Christian Groups: traditional, modern, service, and mission groups
  • Christian Practices: music, hymns, prayers, signs, and symbols
  • Christians Under Fire: martyrs, persecution
  • Potpourri: Christmas, Easter, church buildings, mystery of the shroud
  • Century-by-Century Chronology

Product Details

  • Title: Christian Book of Records
  • Editor: Mark Water
  • Publisher: John Hunt Publishing Ltd
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 192

About Mark Water

Mark Water was born in Devon, England and trained for the Anglican ministry at the London College of Divinity. He was ordained as an evangelical minister in 1966. For the past twenty years he has been engaged in the ministry of Christian literature as writer, editor and advisor. He is the author of the Bible Made Easy series, the Encyclopedia of Christian Martyrs, and many other volumes.

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