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An Outline of American History


One of the longest-running publications of the United States Information Agency, this work provides a clear introduction to United States history, beginning with pre-colonial America and covering all the way up to the twenty-first century.

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Key Features

  • Provides an overview of United States history
  • Covers pre-colonial America all the way up to the twenty-first century
  • Includes a reading list in American history


  • Acknowledgments
  • Early America
  • The Colonial Period
  • The Road to Independence
  • The Formation of a National Government
  • Westward Expansion and Regional Differences
  • Sectional Conflict
  • Growth and Transformation
  • Discontent and Reform
  • War, Prosperity, and Depression
  • The New Deal and World War
  • Postwar America
  • Decades of Change
  • Toward the twenty-first Century
  • Brief Reading List in American History

Product Details

  • Title: An Outline of American History
  • Author: Howard Cincotta
  • Publisher: United States Information Agency
  • Publication Date: 1998