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The Open Bible (OB)

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781418506407


For over 20 years this accessible Bible has helped readers explore the Scriptures with tons of great information and study helps. Now this revised and enlarged edition offers even more outstanding features. In addition to all the classic features of this popular Bible, over 4,500 information-packed notes make this the first ever annotated Open Bible®. Also, 300 new word studies, keyed to Strong's Concordance, are located within the Biblical Cyclopedic Index.

The Open Bible® is time-tested and highly respected because of the powerful features that enable readers to unlock the Scriptures. An easy-to-use 8,000-subject Biblical Cyclopedic Index, in-depth book introductions and outlines, Visual Survey of the Bible, Christian's Guide to the New Life outlines, word studies, study notes, maps and charts, and hundreds of pages of Bible study helps make The Open Bible® an excellent choice for new Christians, teachers, pastors, and anyone who wants to explore the Bible in depth.

Please note: This product does not contain the Bible text, but it does include all the study notes found in the equivalent print version. You can purchase your preferred translation here or in a Logos Bible Software collection. The Open Bible can be used together with any Bible in your digital library. Just open The Open Bible and another Bible, then click the "chain link" icon in each resource and select "Set A" for each. (Need Help? Watch a tutorial video!)

  • Title: The Open Bible (OB)
  • Publisher: Nelson
  • Publication Date: 1998, c1997.