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Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture Update III (2 vols.)

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The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture aims to serve the ministry of the Word of God in the life and mission of the Church. Since Vatican Council II, there has been an increasing hunger among Catholics to study Scripture in depth and in a way that reveals its relationship to liturgy, evangelization, catechesis, theology, and personal and communal life. This series responds to that desire by providing accessible yet substantive commentary on each book of the New Testament, drawn from the best of contemporary biblical scholarship as well as the rich treasury of the Church’s tradition. These volumes seek to offer scholarship illumined by faith, in the conviction that the ultimate aim of biblical interpretation is to discover what God has revealed and is still speaking through the sacred text. Central to our approach are the principles taught by Vatican II: first, the use of historical and literary methods to discern what the biblical authors intended to express; second, prayerful theological reflection to understand the sacred text “in accord with the same Spirit by whom it was written”—that is, in light of the content and unity of the whole Scripture, the living tradition of the Church, and the analogy of faith (Dei Verbum 12).

The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture is written for those engaged in or training for pastoral ministry and others interested in studying Scripture to understand their faith more deeply, to nourish their spiritual life, or to share the good news with others. With this in mind, the authors focus on the meaning of the text for faith and life rather than on the technical questions that occupy scholars, and they explain the Bible in ordinary language that does not require translation for preaching and catechesis. Although this series is written from the perspective of Catholic faith, its authors draw on the interpretation of Protestant and Orthodox scholars and hope these volumes will serve Christians of other traditions as well.

Key Features

  • Implements the exegetical and theological principles taught by Vatican II for interpreting texts in light of the whole of Scripture and the Church’s faith
  • Written for preachers and teachers of the Word and for lay Catholics interested in studying the Bible
  • Distinguished by a theological and pastoral hermeneutic rather than a focus on technical questions
  • Shows the relationship of Scripture to Catholic doctrine, worship, and daily life
  • Employs ordinary English that does not require “translation” for preaching and catechesis
  • Written in an engaging style that can be read for spiritual nourishment and personal study

Praise for the Print Edition

The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture is a long-awaited addition to Catholic books on the Bible. It is clearly written, sticks to the facts, treats the Bible as true history, and does not get lost in idle speculation and guesswork about the sources of the Gospels and the other books. Homilists will find here the pearl of great price and the treasure hidden in a field. Laypersons who are looking for a truly Catholic interpretation of the Bible will find it here. Those who want to know more about God’s holy word in the Bible will want to purchase the whole set.

—Kenneth Baker, SJ, editor, Homiletics and Pastoral Review

Those who preach and teach will find their burden lightened and turned into delight with the help of these commentaries. In a time when much biblical scholarship is written for other biblical scholars, these authors understand that the Bible is the book of the Church, the entire people of God.

—Richard John Neuhaus, priest, Archdiocese of New York

Direct, clear, and spiritually rich, the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture is just what we need today: patient exposition of God’s Word that illuminates and is illuminated by the teaching and practice of the Church.

R. R. Reno, professor of theological ethics, Creighton University

There is a great hunger among Catholic laity for a deeper understanding of the Bible. The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture fills the need for a more in-depth interpretation of Scripture. I am very excited to be able to recommend this new series to our Bible Study groups around the world.

Gail Buckley, founder and director, Catholic Scripture Study International

The Word of God is the source of Christian life, and the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture is an ideal tool for living our faith more deeply. This extraordinary resource combines superior scholarship and a vivid, accessible style that will serve the interested layperson and the serious scholar equally well. It feeds both the mind and the heart and should be on the shelf of every committed Catholic believer. I highly recommend it.

—Charles J. Chaput, Archbishop of Denver

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  • Author: Mary Healy
  • Series: Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Pages: 320

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In this addition to the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, respected New Testament scholar Mary Healy unpacks the Letter to the Hebrews, making its difficult and puzzling passages accessible to pastoral ministers, lay readers, and students. Her commentary shows how Hebrews reveals the meaning of Christ’s death in light of the Old Testament figures, rites, and sacrifices that foreshadowed it. Healy explains that Hebrews, when fully understood, transforms our understanding of who God is, what he has done for us, and how we are to live as Christians today.

Dr. Mary Healy has a way in her books of skillfully presenting Scripture and the Church’s teaching in a clear, accessible, and engaging manner. In her commentary on the Letter to the Hebrews, she brings rich insight, depth, and understanding to this ancient teaching on how the perfect sacrifice of Jesus—the divine high priest who is also one of us, sharing in our human frailty—has definitively achieved our redemption and eternal salvation. Dr. Healy’s commentary is a masterful treatise that offers significant assistance to those of us who seek to better know our faith as we make the journey toward the heavenly kingdom amidst all the struggles of the human condition.

—Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

In the New Testament the Letter to the Hebrews is a work of singular theological richness. Dr. Mary Healy has provided an accessible and insightful commentary, beneficial to seminarians, priests, and laypeople alike. The truths of the Sacred Scripture touch the very core of our lives, and this work, like the others from the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, makes it possible for more of the faithful to experience the life-transforming power the Word offers them.

—Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit

This superb commentary contains an ideal mix of academic and devotional content, admirably fulfilling the series’ goal of presenting ‘scholarship illumined by faith.’ Mary Healy’s solid exegesis wonderfully leads us into the exceptional theological richness of Hebrews. Especially noteworthy are the ‘Reflection and Application’ sections, the numerous sidebars, and the enrichment provided by quotations from the Church Fathers. This is a commentary not merely for the mind but for the nurture of one’s spiritual life. I recommend it enthusiastically!

—Donald A. Hagner, George Eldon Ladd Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary

Mary Healy’s commentary demonstrates that this mysterious homily is a living word that addressed an ancient community in crisis and continues to speak to the issues of our time. Readers will benefit from Healy’s firm grasp of the history of the interpretation of Hebrews and the applications of this homily for today.

—James W. Thompson, scholar-in-residence, Abilene Christian University

The Letter to the Hebrews is one of the richest and yet least understood of the New Testament writings. The arguments are complex and deeply rooted in the Old Testament. This commentary uses the best of Catholic teaching and biblical scholarship to illuminate some of the key teachings of Hebrews in a way that Catholics can appreciate and apply to their own understanding of Jesus Christ.

—Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, senior fellow, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, Steubenville, Ohio

One of the most frequent requests I get for Bible study is for a good commentary. I enthusiastically endorse the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture series. In this volume, Dr. Healy demonstrates her giftedness at taking complex ideas and presenting them in an understandable and practical way. Her writing draws readers into the text in a heartwarming way. I enjoyed this commentary, and I know my students will as well.

—Jeff Cavins, founder, The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study System

Mary Healy (STD, Pontifical Gregorian University) is professor of Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan, and a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission. She is the author of several books, including The Gospel of Mark in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, for which she serves as coeditor.

James, First, Second, and Third John

  • Authors: Kelly Anderson and Daniel Keating
  • Series: Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Pages: 304

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

In this addition to the successful Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, two respected scholars and Bible teachers interpret James and First, Second, and Third John from within the living tradition of the Church. The commentary provides crisp explanations of the text with helpful sidebars and ideas for application to enrich preaching, group Bible study, and personal reflection. This volume presents excellent biblical scholarship in a format accessible to laypeople with no special training in biblical studies.

Any observer of contemporary culture will recognize that Anderson’s and Keating’s lucid commentaries arrive at just the right time, when Catholics at the parish level and in undergraduate and seminary coursework desperately need resources that acquaint them with the scriptural text, the broader scriptural context, and the ways in which scriptural passages have been understood and lived within the Church’s rich tradition. Well instructed in contemporary scholarship, Anderson and Keating put us all in their debt by focusing firmly on the heart of the matter—namely, learning from the letters of James and John how to live and love as Christians in a fallen world.

—Matthew Levering, James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary

In their volume on the Letter of James and the Letters of John, Kelly Anderson and Daniel Keating have succeeded admirably in advancing the aims that the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture series has set for itself. The exposition of the inspired text is clear and easily accessible, rich in making connections with the rest of the Bible and the other sources of revelation, and always focused on sharing the saving message the Lord has for his people—all done with scholarly excellence. This work is a particularly welcome resource for the Church as it strives to share the word of God with the world in the New Evangelization.

—Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit

Kelly Anderson (PhD candidate, Catholic University of America) is assistant professor of biblical studies at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Keating (DPhil, University of Oxford) is professor of theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan. He is the author of several books, including First and Second Peter, Jude in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture.

This product is not currently available to purchase.