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Christian Cyberspace Companion

Format: Digital
, 1997
ISBN: 0801057388


Using nontechnical language, numerous screen shots, tables, and examples, Christian Cyberspace Companion is designed to answer questions about the online world of cyberspace and provide a map of interesting places to visit. Gives advice on setting up your own web page as well as counsel on how to avoid the Internet red-light district. Includes an updated Christian Internet Directory featuring almost three thousand Christian-related sites, each of which is hyperlinked so users can call up each site if they have a web browser and Internet connection.

More About This Resource

Christian Cyberspace Companion attempts to meet the needs of newcomers as well as offer valuable information to more experienced 'Net Surfers'. For those who are unsure about the online plunge, chapter two addresses many of the concerns that often keep believers away from the Internet. Chapter 13 offers guidance to help parents childproff the Internet. A glossary is also included to demystify the technical lingo involved with Internet usage. The author of Christian Cyberspace Companion ingeniously likens the Internet to a city: there are churches, businesses and lots of useful and interesting things there, but cities also have dangers that a traveler needs to be aware of. This resource helps turn the internet into a useful tool rather than an overwhelming sea of information.

Product Details

  • Title: Christian Cyberspace Companion
  • Author: Jason D. Baker
  • Publisher: Baker Book House
  • Publication Date: 1997, 1995

About Jason Baker

Jason D. Baker is an educational consultant at Loyola College in Maryland. A graduate of Bucknell University, he has been an active cyberspace citizen for over ten years and has written and spoken extensively on the use of computer technology in the building of God's Kingdom. Jason and his wife, Julianne, live in Baltimore.