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Hymn and Scripture Selection Guide

Format: Digital
, 1993
ISBN: 9780901083395


Hymn and Scripture Selection Guide - presents the 432 hymns in alphabetical order. The related Scripture passages, taken from the Old and New Testaments as commonly in use by American Protestant denominations, are listed under each hymn. Passages that are directly related to a hymn, such as paraphrases and direct quotations, are in boldface type. Under the title of each hymn in italics there are topical headings and summary phrases intended to show the relationship between the hymn and the Scripture passage. For practical purposes, the number of references is limited. In almost every case, many Scripture passages of marginal correspondence that could be listed for a hymn have been omitted. The effort of this work is to provide an adequate number of references for each hymn and for each stanza where appropriate. The user of this electronic book may want to make notes of additional Scripture references, references to poems, comments, or similar information that one has found useful with a particular hymn.

Key Features

  • 432 Hymns!
  • 14,137 Scripture Passages!
  • 2,562 Topical References!

Who Can Use This Resource?

  • Pastors: Do you find yourself asking, "Which hymns are most suitable for the message I have prepared?" The Hymn and Scripture Selection Guide can help you find songs that match your sermon quicker than ever now that it has been converted into an electronic resource! Simply open the resource and conduct a search for the scripture you have based your sermon on and you will save yourself hours of contemplation.
  • Church Music Leaders: If you have already selected a hymn, you can type the title into the Hymns and Scripture Selection Guide and find several verses from Scripture that match that song's theme. Most would agree that hymns seem to be given extra power when those singing them know that they are based, sometimes word-for-word, on Scripture.
  • Bible Study Leaders: As aforementioned, preparing a study of God's Word can sometimes be made more meaningful with music. With this resource you can easily incorporate music into your small group Bible studies, without all the effort of leafing through your hymnal for that perfect song.