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The Works of Thomas à Kempis (7 vols.)

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Thomas à Kempis was a late Medieval Catholic monk and best known as the author of The Imitation of Christ. The Works of Thomas à Kempis (7 vols.) brings together the rest of his enduring spiritual classics, providing a window into fifteenth century monastic life and the teachings of a deeply pious servant of God. A follower of Gerard Groote's Modern Devotion movement, a movement designed to reinvigorate the clergy from lukewarm faith into authentic piety, Thomas à Kempis' work found wide circulation and influenced important Christian thinkers such as Thérèse of Lisieux, St. Ignatius of Loyola, John Wesley, and John Newton. The Works of Thomas à Kempis (7 vols.) contains over 1,500 pages of sermons, essays, meditations, prayers, biographical material, and practical advice still relevant for today.

The Logos edition of The Works of Thomas à Kempis (7 vols.) makes Kempis' works easier to understand and more accessible than ever, allowing you to get straight to the theology and the Scripture you’re studying without fumbling through multiple volumes in their print form. What’s more—with Logos, the Scripture references in Kempis' works are linked directly to your preferred Bible in your digital library. The advanced search tools help you navigate material instantly, and hyperlinks in the table of contents take you exactly where you need to go. With the power and speed of your Logos library, The Works of Thomas à Kempis (7 vols.) is accessible like never before for study, sermon preparation, devotional reading, and research.

  • Key works from Thomas à Kempis
  • Contains Thomas à Kempis' biographies of the founders and key members of the New Devotion movement
  • Includes over 100 sermons, meditations, and prayers
  • Completely interactive with all of your Logos resources
  • Title: The Works of Thomas à Kempis
  • Author: Thomas à Kempis
  • Volumes: 7
  • Pages: 1,809
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Thomas à Kempis (c. 1380–1471) was born in Kempen, Germany. In 1392, Thomas travelled with his brother to the Netherlands to attend school, and there he was introduced to the Brethren of the Common Life, followers of Gerard Groote's Modern Devotion movement. After finishing school, both he and his brother would devote their entire lives to the movement, joining the Mount St. Agnes monastery. Thomas' works evinced wide learning and deep biblical knowledge, and his work The Imitation of Christ is considered a classic in Christian literature.


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    Collection value: $67.43
    Save $20.44 (30%)