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St. Augustine: Sermons for Christmas and Epiphany

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Of all his works, it is Augustine’s sermons that give us the best portrayal of this brilliant and profoundly spiritual man presenting and interpreting the divine mysteries for his own people.

Top Highlights

“Abiding with His Father, He made for Himself a mother; and when He was made in the womb of His mother, He remained in the heart of His Father.” (Page 80)

“He so loved us that for our sakes He, through whom time was made, was made in time; and He, older by eternity than the world itself, was younger in age than many of His servants in the world; He, who made man, was made man; He was given existence by a mother whom He brought into existence; He was carried in hands which He formed; He nursed at breasts which He filled; He cried like a babe in the manger in speechless infancy—this Word without which human eloquence is speechless!” (Page 93)

“Let men rejoice, let women rejoice. Christ was born Man; He was born of woman. Both sexes have been honored.” (Page 73)

“Truth sprang out of the earth,2 and the Day of Day3 was born to bring light into our day. It is a day we ought to celebrate; let us rejoice and take delight in it.4 Our Christian faith alone can convey to us what this sublime act of humility gave to us. It is something that utterly escapes the understanding of unbelievers; because God has hidden these things from the wise and prudent, and has revealed them to little ones.5 Let the humble, therefore, make God’s humility their own.” (Page 71)

“Here, in the same land in which these strangers coming from afar adored the Christ Child when He was not yet uttering words, His own countrymen crucified Him when He was a young man working miracles. The first recognized God in His tiny body; the others, when He was performing great deeds, did not spare Him even as a human being. Apparently, it was a greater prodigy to see a new star shining at His Nativity than to see the sun in mourning at His death!” (Page 161)


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    Digital list price: $23.99
    Save $5.00 (20%)