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Paul for Everyone: 1 Corinthians

, 2004
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Wright shows us the liveliness of cosmopolitan Corinth in this commentary, and reveals the wisdom and challenge of Paul’s writing, bringing out the pastoral sensitivity and deep insight that make this letter one of Paul’s crowning achievements.

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  • Title: Paul for Everyone: 1 Corinthians
  • Author: N. T. Wright
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 272
  • Christian Group: Anglican

About N. T. Wright

Nicholas Tom Wright, commonly known as N. T. Wright or Tom Wright, is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St. Andrews University. Previously, he was the bishop of Durham. He has researched, taught, and lectured on the New Testament at McGill, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities, and has been named by Christianity Today a top theologian. He is best known for his scholarly contributions to the historical study of Jesus and the New Perspective on Paul. His work interacts with the positions of James Dunn, E. P. Sanders, Marcus Borg, and Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Wright has written and lectured extensively around the world, authoring more than forty books and numerous articles in scholarly journals and popular periodicals. He is best known for his Christian Origins and the Question of God Series, of which three of the anticipated six volumes are finished.

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Top Highlights

“Christianity, you see, isn’t a set of ideas. It isn’t a path of spirituality. It isn’t a rule of life. It isn’t a political agenda. It includes, and indeed gives energy to, all those things; but at its very heart it is something different. It is good news about an event which has happened in the world, an event because of which the world can never be the same again. And those who believe it, and live by it, will (thank God!) never be the same again either. That’s what 1 Corinthians 15 is all about.” (Page 206)

“The underlying point then seems to be that in worship it is important for both men and women to be their truly created selves, to honour God by being what they are and not blurring the lines by pretending to be something else.” (Page 141)

“His overall point is to make them see that Christian freedom is not freedom to do what you like, but freedom from all the things that stop you being the person God really wants you to be, which is freedom for the service of God and the gospel.” (Page 114)

“The church is to be the place where, together, we learn how to be God’s genuinely human beings, worshipping God and serving him by reflecting his image in the world.” (Page 159)

“His main point is that in worship men should follow the dress and hair codes which proclaim them to be male, and women the codes which proclaim them to be female.” (Page 142)


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Digital list price: $14.99
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