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On Aquinas

, 2008
ISBN: 9780860124610

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The revival of interest in Aquinas has corresponded with a rise of interest in Aristotle, on whose philosophy Aquinas based his own. On Aquinas is a masterly work of clear and concise exposition. By the use of simple modern analogy, McCabe brings Aquinas’ thought to life and underlines the crucial influence of Aquinas on our own contemporary thought. Even those who are unfamiliar with Aquinas will find this book gripping. Published posthumously, this study is thoroughly rewarding and will increase McCabe’s reputation as one of Britain’s finest theologians of recent years.

Top Highlights

“an organic structure is one in which the whole is prior to the parts” (Page 12)

“Aquinas and Wittgenstein shared a conviction that it is through an unconstrained attention to the operation of language that we achieve philosophical understanding.” (Page viii)

“So a living body, a body with a soul, is one in which not only events happen but meaningful events. If” (Page 14)

“Those who would like to read McCabe on aspects of Aquinas not treated here might like to check the following: Law, Love and Language (London, 1968; repr. Continuum, 2003); ‘A Sermon for St Thomas’, in God Matters (London, 1987; repr. Continuum, 2005); ‘The Logic of Mysticism’, ‘Aquinas on the Trinity’, and ‘Aquinas on the Incarnation’, in God Still Matters; and ‘A Very Short Introduction to Aquinas’ and ‘Aquinas on ‘God is Good’ ’, in Faith Within Reason.” (Page xii)

“classification of what we are predicating of things by means of sentences when we use them to make statements.” (Page 25)


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    Digital list price: $19.99
    Save $4.00 (20%)