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The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia

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This authoritative encyclopedia combines a wealth of information with an attractive, easy-to-read format into a reference of value for professionals, parishes, and families alike. A generation has passed since Vatican Council II, and the enthusiasm and euphoria which exhilarated Catholic life in the years that followed the council are misted memories now. The council handed down to us new hopes, new dreams, new challenges; but, above all, it gifted us with a fresh vision of the Church as a pilgrim people.

This second edition of The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia gives a succinct and contemporary view to the beliefs, practices, and history of this people. It contains many revisions and over 150 new entries, over 1,300 cross-references, from Abel to Armageddon, from feminism to the zealots. Also included are black-and-white maps, drawings, and photographs. Over 200 such illustrations provide valuable visual information and add to the attractiveness of this volume.

Top Highlights

“The Reformers turned away from the Augustinian and medieval model of justification as a progressive transformation to the view that justification was in some real sense complete once it had been ‘imputed’ or attributed to the sinner.” (Page 453)

“The catholicity of the Church grounds Catholicism’s appreciation for the comprehensive character of truth.” (Page 142)

“gifts of the Holy Spirit are the seven spiritual gifts” (Page 322)

“Specific spiritualities such as Franciscan, Benedictine, or Ignatian are only properly understood if they are seen as specifications or distinctive manifestations of the baptismal spirituality to which all are called by virtue of their membership in God’s people. In that sense, they are derivative of baptismal spirituality. Said another way, all authentic Christian spirituality is ipso facto lay spirituality. All the baptized, whatever their situation in life, are called to the fullness of life in Christ by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit as this is discerned in and through membership in God’s people, the Church.” (Page 803)

“Both Catholics and Protestants agree that because of original sin all human beings stand in need of justification. They agree that justification is a free gift of God in Jesus Christ and that this free gift received in faith and trust cannot be merited. They also agree that justification effects the inner renewal of the believer and leads to good works.” (Page 454)

Praise for the Print Edition

The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia would make an excellent resource for middle or high school classrooms as well as for college students. This book should be on the shelf of every Catholic school, elementary through college, as an informational resource. It would be useful for everything from researching reports to evangelizing the most universal teachings of the Church, to establishing a strong foundation for catechesis.

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Product Details

  • Title: The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Editor: Editors: Michael Glazier and Monika K. Hellwig
  • Publisher: Liturgical Press
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Pages: 928
  • Christian Group: Catholic
  • Resource Type: Encyclopedia

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  1. John N Kujawa

    John N Kujawa


    An Interesting review on Amazon - worth a look. A one star rating review This encyclopedia is great if you are doing research on what Modernists Believe. It will help you to see how modernists twist the traditions and beliefs of the church. For example: 1. Regarding purgatory it says: it has been affirm by Trent and the popes...however it goes on to say, the teachings of the church on purgatory are limited and there is room for "theological reflections". This author certainly is not a friend Thomas Aquina's purgatory views. 2. It tries to minimize mortal sin, I say it almost define Mortal Sins as a state of mind. I don't regret buying this encyclopedia. It helps me see exactly how modernists twist catholic beliefs to suit their needs. To be FAIR In the cover of the book it says clearly what the book will attempt to do: "...It attempts to give a succinct and contemporary view of the beliefs,practices and history of this" (this means the church). This book should only be used by adults that cannot be indoctrinated. Certainly not for use by children that can easily believe what they are told.