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Jesus Becoming Jesus: A Theological Interpretation of the Synoptic Gospels


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Jesus Becoming Jesus presents a theological interpretation of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Unlike many conventional biblical commentaries, Weinandy concentrates on the theological content contained within the Synoptic Gospels. He does this in the light of the Church’s doctrinal and theological tradition, particularly in keeping with the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution, Dei Verbum. Weinandy accomplishes this through a close reading of the individual Gospels themselves as well as observing their theological relationship to one another. His interpretation of the Gospels also brings to the fore the theological significance of God’s revelation that is contained within the Old Testament which, likewise, shows how theological themes contained within Matthew, Mark, and Luke are found and developed within the Gospel of John, the Pauline Corpus and other New Testament writings.

This original theological interpretation focuses primarily on the events narrated with the Synoptic Gospels—the conception and birth of John the Baptist and Jesus, Jesus’s baptism and temptations, his miracles, Peter’s profession of faith and Jesus’ transfiguration, Jesus’ triumphal entrance into Jerusalem with the subsequent passion and resurrection narratives. Within the theological examination of these salvific events, Jesus teaching is likewise discussed, particularly concerning the Beatitudes and his relationship to the Father and the Holy Spirit. The overarching theme of this book, as the title suggests, is that Jesus, being named Jesus, throughout his public ministry and particularly in his passion, death, and resurrection, is enacting his name and so becoming who he is—YHWH-Saves.

Jesus Becoming Jesus offers a singular, vibrant, and luminous reading of the Synoptic Gospels; one that reveals the theological depth and doctrinal sophistication contained within Matthew, Mark and Luke.

  • Focuses on the importance of savings acts
  • Highlights the importance of the Old Testament
  • Examines the major events in Jesus’ life: his birth, baptism, transfiguration, triumphal entry into Jerusalem, passion, death, and resurrection

Part I The Infancy Narratives and the Baptism of Jesus

  • Foreword John C. Cavadini
  • The Conception of Jesus: The Salvific Act of the Incarnation
  • The Birth of Jesus: The Epiphany of the Salvific Act of the Incarnation
  • The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus

Part II Jesus’ Public Ministry

  • Jesus’ Priestly Salvific Acts: Initiating the Kingdom of God
  • Jesus’ Prophetic Salvific Acts: Promulgating the Law of the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Jesus’ Filial Relationship with His Father

Part III Prefigurements of Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection

  • Peter’s Profession of Faith and the Transfiguration
  • Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Part IV The Passion Narratives

  • The Anointing of Jesus and the Last Supper
  • Jesus’ Agony, Arrest, and Trial
  • Jesus’ Crucifixion and Death
  • Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension
  • Conclusion: The Theological Foundation of Jesus’ Salvific Acts
We are fortunate to have this excellent interpretation of the person of Jesus as presented in the Gospels. Many persons have longed for a more serious engagement between the study of the biblical text and the development of Christian doctrine. Fr. Weinandy provides the reader with an outstanding model for this classic—but too often neglected—spiritual discipline.

—Gary Anderson, University of Notre Dame

This book is refreshingly—and also challengingly—different from most commentaries on the Gospels. Thomas Weinandy is a theologian for whom the church's doctrinal tradition is a living source of inspiration and insight. His reading of the Gospels is informed on every page by a fully incarnational and trinitarian faith. By focusing on the events of the Gospel narrative he forges a sophisticated and attractive theology of the saving acts of God. In these acts Jesus, he maintains, enters into his own identity as "YHWH saves." They are acts of the triune God, enacted in the humanity of Jesus so that humans can enter into communion with the triune God.

—Richard Bauckham, Emeritus Professor of New Testament, St. Andrews University, Scotland

A significant new work of Christology. Few in the modern era have sought to write a full-scale systematic study of the mysteries of the life of Jesus. This is what Thomas Weinandy has provided. The Incarnation, Mariology, the virginal conception, the apostolic life and teaching, transfiguration and miracles, the atoning death and glorification of Christ: there is a wealth of original theological analysis in this book, presented in clear and accessible form. The author’s longstanding study of historical exegesis, classical patristic doctrine, and modern Christological controversies is present in the background and gives rise to a deeply integrated theological portrait. This book is the fruit of a lifetime of learning and teaching but also of meditating profoundly on the mystery of Jesus Christ. Anyone interested in seeing Catholic systematic theology practiced at its best should read it.

—Thomas Joseph White, OP, Dominican House of Studies, and author of The Light of Christ: An Introduction to Catholicism (CUA Press)

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Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM Cap, is an American Roman Catholic priest and a leading scholar. He is a prolific writer in both academic and popular works, including articles, books, and study courses.


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    Digital list price: $32.99
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