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Products>Tacitus: The Histories and The Annals, Volumes I–IV: English Translation

Tacitus: The Histories and The Annals, Volumes I–IV: English Translation

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This volume contains Clifford H. Moore’s English translations of books 1–3 of Tacitus’ The Histories and Clifford H. Moore and John Jackson’s English translations of books 4 and 5 of The Histories and books 1–3 of The Annals, as well as John Jackson’s translations of book 4, the surviving portions of book 5, book 6, fragments of books 11 and 12, books 13–15, and the surviving fragments of book 16 of The Annals.

Top Highlights

“Claudius, sitting in judgement, was surrounded by a wildly clamorous mob, and, driven into the farthest corner of the Forum, was there subjected to violent pressure, until, with the help of a body of troops, he forced a way through the hostile throng. It was established that the capital had provisions for fifteen days, no more; and the crisis was relieved only by the especial grace of the gods and the mildness of the winter. And yet, Heaven knows, in the past, Italy exported supplies for the legions into remote provinces; nor is sterility the trouble now, but we cultivate Africa and Egypt by preference, and the life of the Roman nation has been staked upon cargo-boats and accidents.” (Volume 3, Page 377)

“ the other customs of the Jews are base and abominable, and owe their persistence to their depravity” (Volume 2, Page 181)

“The gods are departing’: at the same moment the mighty stir of their going was heard” (Volume 2, Pages 197–199)


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