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Introducing the New Testament

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Introducing the New Testament presents the complex and often challenging texts and history of the New Testament in a clear and informative manner. The book begins with a section that gives readers a clear idea of how to use it most effectively for study and personal research, followed by a chapter which outlines the various manuscript traditions and processes of transmission that resulted in the biblical texts we have before us today. With this groundwork complete, readers are then introduced to all the texts of the New Testament, and to major issues and debates such as the ‘Historical Jesus’ the ‘Synoptic Problem’ and current debates surrounding inspiration—how these texts can be seen in both a historical context and in the context of religious faith. The book features maps, chapter summaries, sample essay questions, chapter bibliographies and reading lists, and an annotated glossary of key terms.

  • Provides a brief introduction to the formation of the New Testament
  • Covers the authorship, date, structure, style, and theology of each book
  • Addresses major theological issues and debates

Top Highlights

“It forms the explicit basis of the RSV, NRSV, ESV. To a lesser extent the JB/NJB and NEB/REB also benefit from it. Only the brilliantly idiosyncratic Knox version and the highly paraphrased GNB/Today’s English Version break away from it. From a literary point of view the King James Version has never been surpassed, though more recent versions have profited from wider manuscript evidence and the continuing tradition of scholarship.” (Page 22)

“In the course of the presentation of the four gospels a number of comments have been made which contribute to an understanding of the passion narratives. However, so central is this story to the Christian message, and so diverse are the gospel accounts, that a special account of these central events is required. This will reflect a basic difference between the presentation by Mark and that of John, for the former (the basis also for that of Matthew and Luke) concentrates on the suffering and humiliation of Jesus which prepares its reversal in the vindication at the Resurrection, while the latter regards the event as a single moment, the Hour of Christ’s triumph.” (Page 153)

“From this briefest of surveys it becomes abundantly clear that the Bible is no ‘flat’ or ‘cold’ presentation of historical, geographical or scientific facts, but rather seeks to express the meaning of God’s dealings with Israel and the nations as they are seen in the light of the Holy Spirit.” (Page 9)

“Rheims-Douai version, translated by Gregory Martin for the exiled English Catholics (1582/1609), kept deliberately, and sometimes awkwardly, close to the Vulgate Latin text for purposes of controversy.” (Page 22)

Dom Henry Wansbrough offers a masterly introduction to the New Testament ... the breadth and depth of coverage is amazing ... I recommend this book both to church members and aspiring NT students. Even those well versed in the subject will benefit from its insights.

Journal for the Study of the New Testament

Henry Wansbrough, a well-known Roman Catholic New Testament scholar, has produced a book that engagingly summarizes the results of historical-critical study of the New Testament and places them in the context of a robust theological interpretation and straightforward commitment to the truth of the biblical faith in all its variety.

Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology

Introducing the New Testament is at once accessible, scholarly, and theological. With Father Wansbrough as their guide, readers can be assured that they are engaging the tough questions of history even as they enrich and deepen their understanding of the meaning and world of the New Testament.

—Candida Moss, University of Notre Dame, USA

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Henry Wansbrough OSB is a Benedictine Monk of Ampleforth, former Chairman of the Oxford University Theology Faculty and former Master of St Benet’s Hall. He is a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission and Executive Secretary of ICPEL (The International Commission for Producing an English-language Lectionary). He lectures frequently across the globe including being Guest Lecturer in Scripture at Harare University, Zimbabwe.


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    It is an awesome book.

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    The publication date is pretty recent (2012 not 2015 as stated). Yet some views are quite dated, reflecting outdated views, like deutero and trito pauline epistles (in general, it seems to me that sometimes Catholic scholars are lagging behind their non-Catholic colleagues


Digital list price: $32.35
Save $12.36 (38%)