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Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture | CCSS: New Testament Series (17 vols.)

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The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture (CCSS) series has been widely praised. Now all 17 volumes covering the New Testament are available as a specially priced set. Acclaimed by leading Catholic scholars and popular Bible teachers, the CCSS offers just the right level of commentary for Catholic students of the Bible. Its attractive packaging and accessible writing make this a set to own--and to read! Each volume relates Scripture to Christian life today, is faithfully Catholic, and is supplemented by features designed to help pastoral ministers, lay readers, and students understand the Bible more deeply and use it more effectively in teaching, preaching, evangelization, and other forms of ministry.

Central to the commentary’s approach are the theological principles taught by Vatican II for interpreting Scripture “in accord with the same Spirit by which it was written”—that is, interpreting Scripture in its canonical context and in the light of Catholic tradition and the analogy of faith (Dei Verbum, 12). The CCSS helps readers grasp the meaning of texts both in their historical and literary context and in their relationship to Catholic doctrine and life in the present.

Each volume is packed with features designed to help readers use the Bible more effectively in teaching, preaching, evangelization, and other forms of ministry. Each volume provides exegesis as well as reflection and application sections. A set of cross-references links each passage to the Catechism, the Lectionary, and related biblical texts. Sidebars present information on the background of the text and on how the text has been interpreted by the Church. Abundant quotations from saints and Church Fathers enable readers to glimpse the continuity of Catholic tradition. Each volume includes a glossary, a list of suggested resources, an Index of Pastoral Topics, and an Index of Sidebars.

  • Includes a glossary, list of suggested resources, and two indexes
  • Sidebars provide further information to the commentary
  • Detailed exposition and commentary on the text
  • Introduction to authorship, literary unity, historical context, theological themes, and contemporary relevance
  • Kelly Anderson
  • Nathan Eubank
  • Pablo T. Gadenz
  • Scott Hahn
  • Dennis Hamm
  • Mary Healy
  • Daniel A. Keating
  • William S. Kurz
  • Francis Martin
  • Curtis Mitch
  • George T. Montague
  • Edward Sri
  • Thomas D. Stegman
  • Albert Vanhoye
  • Peter S. Williamson
  • William M. Wright IV
The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture is a long-awaited addition to Catholic books on the Bible. It is clearly written, sticks to the facts, treats the Bible as true history, and does not get lost in idle speculation and guesswork about the sources of the Gospels and the other books. Homilists will find here the pearl of great price and the treasure hidden in a field. Laypersons who are looking for a truly Catholic interpretation of the Bible will find it here. Those who want to know more about God’s holy word in the Bible will want to purchase the whole set.

—Kenneth Baker, SJ, editor, Homiletics and Pastoral Review

Those who preach and teach will find their burden lightened and turned into delight with the help of these commentaries. In a time when much biblical scholarship is written for other biblical scholars, these authors understand that the Bible is the book of the Church, the entire people of God.

—Richard John Neuhaus, priest, Archdiocese of New York

Direct, clear, and spiritually rich, the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture is just what we need today: patient exposition of God’s Word that illuminates and is illuminated by the teaching and practice of the Church.

R. R. Reno, professor of theological ethics, Creighton University

There is a great hunger among Catholic laity for a deeper understanding of the Bible. The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture fills the need for a more in-depth interpretation of Scripture. I am very excited to be able to recommend this new series to our Bible Study groups around the world.

Gail Buckley, founder and director, Catholic Scripture Study International

The Word of God is the source of Christian life, and the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture is an ideal tool for living our faith more deeply. This extraordinary resource combines superior scholarship and a vivid, accessible style that will serve the interested layperson and the serious scholar equally well. It feeds both the mind and the heart and should be on the shelf of every committed Catholic believer. I highly recommend it.

—Charles J. Chaput, former Archbishop of Philadelphia

  • Title: Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture: New Testament Series (17 vols.)
  • Editor(s): Mary Healy, Peter S. Williamson
  • Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
  • Publication Date: 2008–2019
  • Resources: 17
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Christian Group: Catholic
  • Resource Type: Commentary
  • Topic: New Testament
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Mary Healy (STD, Pontifical Gregorian University) is professor of Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan, and a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission. She is the author of several books, including The Gospel of Mark in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, for which she serves as coeditor.

Peter S. Williamson (STD, Pontifical Gregorian University) holds the Adam Cardinal Maida Chair in Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan. He is the author of several books, including Ephesians and Revelation in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture and Catholic Principles for Interpreting Scripture. He is also the coeditor of John Paul II and the New Evangelization.


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  1. Christopher Privon
    I have been waiting for this set since reading Peter Williamson's book on Revelation and Mary Healy's book on Hebrews. It is now my "go to" NT exegesis set for my homilies and Bible Studies.
  2. Juan Moreno

    Juan Moreno


    I have apaper copy of Pablo Gadenz's book on the Gospel of Luke. Very good and easy to read, great for paper and homily writing. I can just imagine how much easier with an electronic copy.
  3. Mateusz



  4. Kevin Clemens
    I heartily agree with Dr. WIlliamson's comments in this thread. I have a handful of these in print but picked up the full set in Verbum about 6 months ago. I find their usefulness to me to be greatly magnified by their integration with other resources (especially the CCC). They have become one of my favorite series and first stops when prepping for teaching my high school theology classes.
  5. Peter Williamson
    As one of the editors and authors of the series, it's not surprising that I recommend the CCSS! But here I want to recommend the Verbum editions. Without doubt Verbum provides the best electronic format available for reading or consulting the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. The live links to Scripture, the Catechism, other magisterial documents, various translations, and other Scripture resources make it a breeze to use, not only on a computer, but on all kinds of devices. Verbum just offered me a complimentary set. But I already owned them all!
  6. Father Anthony Ho


Collection value: $396.83
Save $79.84 (20%)
Payment plans available in cart