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The turning point in St. Augustine’s life came when the emptiness within drove him to cry out to God in anguish. As if in answer, he heard children singing “tolle lege,” “take and read.” Receiving the words as a command, he opened a book containing the epistles of St. Paul and read the first passage that he saw. In that moment, he heard the Word of God afresh, as a message intended for him, as a Word spoken to his heart. Augustine had heard the Scriptures many times before, but until that night they had not moved him to embrace the love of God. It was a decisive turning point in his life, a conversion in which he turned his life over to his Lord.

In reflection on St. Augustine’s experience, we have named this Catholic edition of the Bible The Augustine Bible—thus affirming that we too can turn our hearts to the Lord every time we “take and read” God’s Word. All we need to do is to recognize the Scriptures for what they are: a personal message from God, who made us and loves us.

  • Features the English Standard Version Catholic Edition translation
  • Provides a combination of literal translation with smooth and readable English
  • Draws upon the textual and theological traditions of the Church

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Digital list price: $19.99
Save $10.00 (50%)