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Halfway to Heaven: The Hidden Life of the Carthusians

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Founded 900 years ago by St. Bruno, the Carthusians are the most completely enclosed religious order in the Catholic Church. Living alone and in silence in almost perpetual prayer, the monks are the spiritual heirs to the early Christians, the Desert Fathers. As the only order ‘never to have been reformed because never deformed’, the Carthusians have been described as ‘the most precious jewel in the Church’s crown’. There is a Carthusian motto: ‘To make saints, not to publicise them’. Indeed because they shut themselves away from the world and shun all publicity, little is known about these monks, even among other religious orders. In this updated edition of a classic book, which includes new material, Robin Bruce Lockhart remedies the gap in our knowledge—without destroying the mystery of the order. Halfway to Heaven is still the most comprehensive book ever written about the Carthusians. It is also an awesome source of inspiration in the art of contemplation and prayer.

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of the life and times of the Carthusians
  • Explores the art of contemplation and prayer
  • Patres Nostri
  • The Call of the Desert
  • The Recluse in Europe
  • John Cassian, Tower of David
  • St Bruno, Founder of the Carthusians
  • From St Bruno to the Reformation
  • From the Reformation to the Twentieth Century
  • Life in a Charterhouse: The Fathers
  • Life in a Charterhouse: The Brothers
  • The Carthusian Nuns
  • Who Joins the Carthusians and How
  • La Grande Chartreuse
  • Offspring of La Grande Chartreuse
  • A Charterhouse in the New World
  • The Carthusian Order: Organisation and Management
  • Carthusian Spirituality: A Summary
  • Contemplation for All
  • Wisdom Beyond Understanding
Exhales a sweet serenity reminding us of the complex atrributes and simple rewards of silence and solitude.

The New York Times

These precious volumes offer an illuminating, even dazzling, insight into Carthusian ways that are little known, indeed traditionally hidden. Here are men who for all their silence need to be heard.

The Tablet

The author has been given an unprecedented aceess to archives and books unknown to the outside world. Mr Bruce Lockhart’s splendid book will hopefully bring this knowledge to a wide public. . . Halfway to Heaven is a sublime and gripping read.

Catholic Herald


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    Digital list price: $24.99
    Save $15.00 (60%)

    Gathering interest