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Maurice Blondel: A Philosophical Life

, 2010
ISBN: 9780802863652
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French philosopher Maurice Blondel (1861–1949) had a tremendous impact on both philosophy and religion in the twentieth century. He was at once a postmodern critical philosopher and a devout traditional Catholic who strove to keep these two sides of his life in unison, neither separating nor confusing them.

In this first-ever critical examination of Blondel’s entire life and work, Oliva Blanchette tells of Blondel’s stormy confrontations with an academy dismissive of religion and a religion uncomfortable with rational philosophy. The book recounts both Blondel’s biographical history and his systematic philosophy in meticulous detail.

In this Logos edition, every word is essentially a link, helping you search the entire collection for a particular verse or topic. For example, you can search for every instance of the phrase “historical criticism” or “moral theology.” This gives you instant access to a wealth of information on twentieth-century Catholic thought.

  • Recent and essential scholarship on modern Catholic theology
  • Bibliographical references and indexes
Here, at last, is the standard reference book on Maurice Blondel’s philosophy that we have been desperately waiting for. Absolutely clear and accessible even to nonconnoisseurs, this book succeeds in showing how much Blondel’s thought is the conceptual reflection of his deep spiritual experience. Written by a real metaphysician, this masterpiece embraces for the first time the wholeness of Blondel’s thorough intentions, from the very first notes to the final texts. Maurice Blondel: A Philosophical Life is, indeed, an event. There will be henceforth a “before” and an “after” Oliva Blanchette’s book, which will delight not only Blondelian researchers but also the entire philosophical community.

—Emmanuel Tourpe, Institut d’Etudes Théologiques

  • Title: Maurice Blondel: A Philosophical Life
  • Author: Oliva Blanchette
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 836

Oliva Blanchette is professor of philosophy at Boston College. His other books include the award-winning Philosophy of Being: A Reconstructive Essay in Metaphysics and The Perfection of the Universe according to Aquinas.


Digital list price: $40.99
Save $8.00 (19%)