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Products>Chieftains of the Highland Clans: A History of Israel in the Twelfth And Eleventh Centuries B.C.

Chieftains of the Highland Clans: A History of Israel in the Twelfth And Eleventh Centuries B.C.

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An illuminating social history of ancient Israel, Chieftains of the Highland Clans offers an unusually thorough and original reconstruction of Israelite society prior to the 1000 BC rise of the monarchy. Using the latest archaeological research and anthropological theories, Robert Miller presents an intriguing picture of what life was like in early Israel.

Ethnographic evidence from diverse cultures suggests the “complex chiefdom” model as the most appropriate for the archaeology of twelfth- and eleventh-century highland Palestine. This volume explains that model, detailing the economic and political realities of pre-state societies with ascribed rank and hierarchical political control. As he applies and fine-tunes the complex chiefdom model, Miller illustrates areas of potential correspondence and contradiction between his reconstruction and the biblical text. Students of archaeology, Palestine, and the Hebrew Bible will not want to miss Miller’s fresh and fascinating conclusions about the sociopolitical nature of early Israel.

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  • Bibliographical references and an index
  • Maps and charts

Top Highlights

“a chiefdom is a society where there is no specialized administrative control apparatus and legal system” (Page 7)

“Archaeologically, a distinct settlement occupied the highland area between Jerusalem and the Jezreel Valley” (Page 16)

“The people did raise animals—sheep and goats, mostly, not cattle—and for dairy products, not meat.” (Page 98)

“Society in the 12th- and 11th-century highlands of Palestine was village based.” (Pages 97–98)

“Israel, once archaeology has established the continuity” (Page 2)

[Chieftains of the Highland Clans] is important because it is one of the first comprehensive studies of the highland settlement system to take seriously the biblical text and attempt to reconstruct both social and political history from both the archaeological and textual evidence.

Review and Expositor

No longer will the period of Israelite beginnings be considered a dark age. With meticulous and brilliant attention to method, Robert Miller uses the materials from a stunning array of archaeological excavations and surveys along with anthropological models to illuminate the highland settlements of the Iron I period. This pioneering study at last tells us what early Israel was really like.

—Carol Meyers, Mary Grace Wilson Professor in Religion, Duke University

In this volume Robert Miller supplies a missing piece in the social history of the central highlands of Palestine in the twelfth and eleventh centuries B.C.E. . . . Miller carefully defines and employs the complex chiefdom model to clarify social and political developments in that critical era prior to the establishment of the Israelite monarchy.

Victor H. Matthews, professor of religious studies, Missouri State University

  • Title: Chieftains of the Highland Clans: A History of Israel in the Twelfth And Eleventh Centuries B.C.
  • Author: Robert D. Miller II
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 206

Robert D. Miller II is associate professor of Old Testament at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.


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    Digital list price: $25.99
    Save $5.00 (19%)