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The Holy War

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A fierce battle rages to take control away from the rightful Prince of Mansoul. Who will be the conquering prince? Diabolus or Emmanuel? What can the inhabitants do to resist the attacks of the evil one? Your soul is under attack from the forces of evil. Through this powerful allegory, you will learn how to build up your defenses and prepare for war. Bunyan will illuminate your understanding and show you that, with Christ the Conqueror on your side, you have nothing to fear.

  • Title: The Holy War
  • Author: John Bunyan
  • Publisher: Baker Book House
  • Publication Date: 1995
  • Pages: 336

John Bunyan (1628-1688) believed that God had a special purpose for his life. When he arrived to preach in a little town called Lower Samsell, he was informed that a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Unwilling to denounce his Christian faith and his calling to the ministry, he was imprisoned for twelve years. Among the many writings he published during his imprisonment are The Holy City, Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, and the most famous, The Pilgrim's Progress. After his release, he continued to write and publish stirring works that have endured through time.