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Products>The Early Christians: Their World Mission and Self-Discovery

The Early Christians: Their World Mission and Self-Discovery

ISBN: 9781606083703
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The purpose of this volume is to take the central event in the life of primitive Christianity—the launching of the mission to the Gentiles—as a paradigm of changing Christian self-definition and as the force that brought Christian identity into the light of thematic consciousness. This has entailed reconstructing the history of the launching of the mission. The Early Christians explores questions of the earliest Christian self-definition and self-consciousness.

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  • Preface
  • The Problem
  • On Self-Definition
  • The Kerygma Revised: Context and Cutting Edge
  • The Christian Hebraioi of Jerusalem
  • The Hellenistai
  • Appendix: The Pre-Pauline Formula in Romans 3:25-26a
  • Antioch and Jerusalem: The Pivotal Decision
  • Theology for the World Mission
  • A Soteriology Valid for All
  • The Matrix of Pauline Soteriology
  • Identity and Development


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    Digital list price: $29.00
    Save $7.01 (24%)