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Commentary on Luke

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An ordained minister in the Presbyterian church, John J. Owen (1803-1869) taught as a professor of classical languages in the Free Academy, New York, until he was made vice-principal of that institution in 1853, in which capacity he served until his death. An eminent classicist, Owen's translations of Greek works were highly acclaimed and his biblical commentaries were well received.

When this commentary was published, the North American Review had very favorable things to say about it: "On the appearance of Dr. Owen’s previous volume, we expressed our high appreciation of his learning, skill, and impartiality as a critic. That estimate is fully sustained by the Commentary on Luke. We are particularly pleased with the adaptation of the work equally to the use of the Biblical scholar and the needs of the merely English reader. No important critical question is ignored or slighted; and yet there is not a sentence beyond the comprehension of an intelligent and thoughtful child. Equally admirable is the union of the critical and practical purposes, which a popular commentary should subserve at the same time..."

From the Preface to the Print Edition

"...The same general plan and style of annotation, which characterizes my commentary on Matthew and Mark, has been observed in the preparation of the present volume; and I hope that no evidence will be furnished to the reader, that I have passed over or evaded any difficulties either of an exegetical or practical nature, which need and with our limited powers are susceptible of explanation. I have sought also, as in the preceding volume, to avoid all technicalities, and abstruse terms, and to render the commentary easy of comprehension to the most plain and unlettered mind. At the same time, I would fain hope, that this element of plainness and perspicuity has not been secured at the sacrifice of thoroughness of exposition, and a full and free use of the canons of exegesis and laws of interpretation accepted by all scholars in every country."

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  • Title: Commentary on Luke
  • Author: John J. Owen
  • Publisher: John F. Trow
  • Publication Date: 1859
  • Pages: 400

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