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Products>The Gagging of God: Christianity Confronts Pluralism

The Gagging of God: Christianity Confronts Pluralism

, 2011
ISBN: 9780310496717

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This Gold Medallion Award–winning book presents a persuasive case for Christ as the only way to God. Is Jesus the only way to God? This clear, critically-acclaimed, scholarly response to that question affirms the deep need for the Gospel’s exclusive message in today’s increasingly pluralistic global community. The Gagging of God offers an in-depth look at the big picture, shows how the many ramifications of pluralism are all parts of a whole, and then provides a systematic Christian response.

  • History of pluralism, especially the revolution in hermeneutics, literary theory, and epistemology
  • Addresses religious pluralism, notably the work of John Hick and David Tracy, and of inclusivists such as Clark Pinnock and John Sanders
  • Argues for the Bible’s foundational “plotline,” and addresses the uniqueness of Christ
  • Analyzes the Christian’s stance in a pluralistic culture across such diverse fields as education, law, and morals
  • Looks at how pluralism has penetrated the evangelical camp and offers a thoughtful look at how to evangelize in a postmodern generation

Top Highlights

“One of the principal arguments of this book is that confessional Christianity cannot wholly embrace either modernity or postmodernity, yet it must learn certain lessons from both; it must vigorously oppose many features of philosophical pluralism, without retreating to modernism.” (Page 22)

“For those who espouse radical religious pluralism, there is no longer any heresy, except perhaps the view that there are heresies.” (Page 30)

“When religious pluralism triumphs, inevitably the common sins of humanity become defended as alternative lifestyles.” (Page 150)

“True knowledge of the meaning of a text and even of the thoughts of the author who wrote it is possible, even if perfect and exhaustive knowledge is not.” (Page 103)

“What such studies show is that millions of Americans are religious in certain ways, but that that fact has little bearing on anything they really judge important in their life.” (Pages 38–39)

The Gagging of God makes a tremendous contribution . . . highly recommended.

Evangelical Journal

. . . on the issues of pluralism, postmodernism, and biblical interpretation, it is a splendid resource.

—Patrick Rist, Faculty Commons

D. A. Carson (PhD, University of Cambridge) is a research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He is the author or coauthor of over 50 books. He is a general editor of Telling the Truth: Evangelizing Postmoderns and Worship by the Book. He has served as a pastor and is an active guest lecturer in church and academic settings around the world.


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    I used this book for a course I was taking in seminary and I was really glad I had it put on my reading list. Good book, relevant topic, well done.
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