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An Exposition of the Gospel of St. Luke


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John MacEvilly’s exposition of the gospel of Luke offers a clear, Catholic, passage-by-passage interpretation of the text. It combines traditional exegesis with moral exhortation and so has been widely used as a daily devotional. The work was originally intended for laymen, but quickly found a place as a textbook in seminary education and has seen numerous editions.

With the Logos edition of An Exposition of the Gospel of St. Luke, every word is essentially a link. Scripture references are linked directly to the original language texts and English Bible translations in your library. For every word—in English, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or any language—you can double-click on that word, and your digital library will automatically search your lexicons for a match. That gives you instant access to a wealth of technical linguistic and etymological data, along with tools for accurate exegesis and interpretation.

  • Preface by the author
  • Analysis of each chapter
  • General index

Top Highlights

“Jews and Samaritans, between whom there was no communication (John 4:9), cast aside their mutual religious differences, and became united from a sense of their common misery, and a strong desire of a cure, of which all were equally in quest.” (Page 193)

“Our Redeemer, in the foregoing passage, conveys, that it was for a mere sin of omission, for his inhumanity, for his neglect to succour the miseries of the poor.” (Page 184)

“What the Angel says (v. 32), ‘The Lord God shall give him the throne of his Father David,’ was said of our Lord in virtue of His maternal descent, for He had no father on earth. Mary, His mother, must therefore be of the same family of David with her husband Joseph, who is also called elsewhere, ‘the Son of David’ (Matthew 1:20), and said to be ‘of the house and family of David’ (2:4).” (Page 14)

“Having cured the infirm man of bodily disease, He now wishes to cure them of the spiritual disease under which He saw them labouring, viz., ambition and pride.” (Page 153)

“But Zaccheus went far beyond the requirements of the law, and proved by his acts the sincerity of his conversion” (Page 208)

  • Title: An Exposition of the Gospel of St. Luke
  • Author: John MacEvilly
  • Publisher: Gill & Son
  • Publication Date: 1887
  • Pages: 265

John MacEvilly was the archbishop of Tuam.


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Digital list price: $12.49
Save $2.50 (20%)