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Caritas in Veritate (Latin)

Published in 2009, Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth) was pope Benedict XVI's first social encyclical. The encyclical is concerned with many aspects of global development and economic and political justice. The pontiff aims to lay down moral guidelines within which specific policies can be crafted. These guidelines include a rejection of both socialist and free-market ideologies in favor of a conception within which all social actions are informed by ethics. The letter discusses poverty, population issues, the environment, relativism, sexual exploitation, and many other timely issues. It is divided into six sections: "The Message of 'Populorum Progressio,'" "Human Development in Our Time," "Fraternity, Economic Development and Civil Society," "The Development of People, Rights and Duties, and the Environment," "The Cooperation of the Human Family," and "The Development of Peoples and Technology." This volume contains the Latin text.