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Collegeville Bible Commentary

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Looking for an easy-to-use comprehensive commentary? The Collegeville Bible Commentary (CBC) provides real literary, historical, and theological analysis without the complex debates and controversial viewpoints. Concise, yet thorough, the CBC brings together a wide variety of scholars and writers to give you a trustworthy, enlightening approach to Bible studies.

The one-volume edition of The Collegeville Bible Commentary was prepared to meet the needs of those students of the Bible who need reference to more than one book of the Bible or who prefer to use their own Bible. This commentary covers the complete canon and deuterocanon of the New American Bible translation, but can easily be studied alongside any translation. This edition contains both the Old and the New Testament editions that are normally sold separately.

This unique Logos edition makes Bible study easier than ever. All verse references appear on mouseover, giving you an instantaneous look at every reference cited without leaving your spot in the text. And by integrating this volume with your digital library, Logos’ system of cross-references and search guides becomes even better.

  • Written by numerous experts in Bible study and languages
  • Developed for the everyday scholar, the preacher, and the student
  • Designed to be read with any Bible translation

Top Highlights

“By raising Jesus, God abrogated Torah, and in Christ we have a new freedom, a freedom for a new kind of service. In Christ, differences are not important; what really counts is ‘faith working through love’ (agápē in Greek, v. 6), through slave-service to other Christians.” (Pages 1077–1078)

“The question of the nature and source of Jesus’ authority has arisen before (4:22, 32, 36). Here Jesus displays his authority before leaders of Judaism from all over the country. This is the first of four conflict stories leading up to the laying of a desperate plot (6:11).” (Page 947)

“ but the point in these descriptions seems to be that it takes faith, a gift of new eyes, to recognize the risen Lord” (Page 979)

“In this ‘breaking of the bread’ (an early name for the Eucharist: Acts 2:42, 46) they recognize him” (Page 979)

“One places oneself in the community of the righteous or of the unrighteous by one’s actions” (Page 756)

. . . the most accessible single-volume guide to the Bible issued under any auspices.

The Christian Century

The straightforward and nontechnical presentations transmit the best of modern biblical scholarship to a wide audience.


  • Title: The Collegeville Bible Commentary
  • Editors: Dianne Bergant and Robert J. Karris
  • Publisher: Liturgical Press
  • Publication Date: 1989
  • Pages: 1,344

Dianna Bergant is the Carroll Stuhlmueller Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. She has a BS in elementary education and an MA and PhD in biblical languages and literature from St. Louis University. She was president of the Catholic Biblical Association of America. She has written and edited extensively for magazines nationwide.

Robert J. Karris is a research professor at the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University. He holds a BA in philosophy from Quincy College, a STL in theology from Catholic University of America, and a ThD in New Testament and early Christian history from Harvard University.


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  1. Steven Alvey

    Steven Alvey


    Be warned, lots of what traditional Christians would consider modernist and liberal heresies in this. It says the serpent was not the devil, but that a writer wrote that part to discourage people from attending "serpent-related" pagan fertility temples. Also the usual Protestant/Post-Vatican 2 Catholic nonsense about supplemental authors (e.g. this entire paragraph was added later by "P" in 400 BC, to add their special angle or twist etc etc). Really unfortunate.
  2. Sharon Tomko Greenberg
  3. kentuckyliz



    This is the commentary I have open next to my daily Bible reading plan. Make sure to prioritize it as a resource, as one of your top 5 Bible commentaries, so it's always a right-click away.


Print list price: $60.00
Save $10.01 (16%)