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Products>Steve Ray Collection (2 vols.)

Steve Ray Collection (2 vols.)

, 1999–2002

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Catholic convert and public speaker Steve Ray brings together his scholarship on the early Church Fathers and his many years of experience teaching Bible classes to these valuable studies relevant for Christians of any denomination. In the Steve Ray Collection (2 vols.), Steve Ray opens up the Gospel of John for anyone to study, breaching its heavy theological shell with background and textual information that make the Gospel easier to understand. Additionally, in Upon this Rock, Steve Ray continues to delve into Scripture as he supports the authority of the pope and the office of the Vatican, investigating the early history and the theology behind the papacy.

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  • Faithfully Catholic commentary on the Gospel of John
  • Historically and scripturally supported study of the papacy
  • Title: Steve Ray Collection
  • Author: Steve Ray
  • Publisher: Ignatius Press
  • Volumes: 2
  • Pages: 811
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Stephen K. Ray converted to the Catholic Church from a Baptist background in 1994, after an in-depth study of the writings of the Church Fathers. He is the host of the popular, award-winning film series on salvation history, The Footprints of God. Steve is the author of the bestselling books Crossing the Tiber, St. John’s Gospel, and Upon This Rock. He is a popular conference and retreat speaker, has been a guest radio speaker, and made appearances EWTN.


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  1. kentuckyliz






    It would be good if there is a way for the books to be downloaded into my ADE platform in my computer It seems that the books can only be downloaded to a Vyrso app reader in a mobile device I sent an email to enquire on the procedures to transfer the ebooks to my ADE platform in my computer but have not receive a reply
  3. Curtis Constrantiche
  4. Alec Seelau

    Alec Seelau


    I own the hard copy of Upon This Rock, and it is by far the best and most accessible book I have found on the office of the Papacy for the average man like myself. The appendix in the back on the event wherein Simon is named Peter and given the keys is alone worth the price of admission. It is heavily footnoted and is sourced from a host of Protestant sources that back up the Catholic teaching. Excited to have this book in Logos / Verbum and, given the positive reviews below, excited for the study on the Gospel according to St. John as well.
  5. Dave Keene

    Dave Keene


  6. Keenan Tan

    Keenan Tan


  7. NB.Mick



    While I can't comment on "Upon this rock" (yet - hope this comes to production soon!) I own "St. John's Gospel" in another format: It is great! It is modestly subtitled "A Bible Study Guide" - and really, you will find those small questions that get you think again over the verse in question, or related verses from the Ot and NT. As an evangelical, I know this format from my teenage years, and Steve does well with these questions. There are lots of them (some pretty easy, those that aren't will usually give a reference into which direction to look) - and no answer key I know of, so you'll be tasked to think over them. But then, the title doesn't stop, but also says "and Commentary". And that it is. 450+ pages of readable, conservative and catholic verse-by-verse commentary. Steve puts his commentary into nicely digestable chunks of "theological notes", "historical notes", "Church Fathers" etc. There's some (transliterated) Greek sprinkled in where adequate, and lots of theological implications and scriptural cross-referencing, so this makes for a great "pastoral" commentary on John. Don't overlook the "catholic" here. While Steve cites many of the - for evangelicals - 'ususal suspects' (three quarters or more of the extensive bibliography could as well come from an evangelical commentary), this work is thoroughly cross-referenced to the CCC and he doesn't go easy on Luther or "contemporary evangelical" thinking when it contradicts catholicism. But the tone is eirenic, and thus the whole work is very worthwile for non-catholics, too. I'm just looking forward to the Logos edition to have live crosslinks to CCC and the many other cited works!
  8. Lorraine Curtin
    Our bible study group used this book over the course of almost two years. Steve Ray's questioning techniques and in depth commentaries make this an excellent resource for study. We highly recommend it and are thrilled that it will be made available in Logos.