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Products>The Mystical Works of Evelyn Underhill (11 vols.)

The Mystical Works of Evelyn Underhill (11 vols.)

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The Mystical Works of Evelyn Underhill comprises the most important works of one of the foremost writers on spirituality and Christian mysticism of the early twentieth century. The collection opens with Underhill’s most widely read work: Mysticism. A general introduction to the concept, followed by a comprehensive exploration of the nature and development of human mystical consciousness, this work defined a wing of Christianity that found its footing at the turn of the century. The subsequent 10 volumes articulate the finer points of Underhill’s religious philosophy, elucidating the place of mysticism within the personal, practical, historical, and institutional realms. This collection is a valuable resource for students and scholars alike.

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive exploration of Underhill’s philosophy of Christian mysticism
  • Full text of Underhill’s best-known work, Mysticism
  • Discussion of the place of mysticism in history and the church

Product Details

  • Title: The Mystical Works of Evelyn Underhill
  • Author: Evelyn Underhill
  • Volumes: 11
  • Pages: 2,619
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About Evelyn Underhill

Evelyn Underhill (1875–1941) was born in Wolverhampton, England, to a London barrister. An only child, Underhill received her early education at home and then studied history and botany at King’s College, London. Though Underhill was an agnostic for some time, mystical experiences she had as a child motivated her to continue exploring theology and religion. Underhill developed an interest in neoplatonism, which eventually led her to Catholic mystical thought. This spiritual journey led back to the Anglican Church, where Underhill became a devout Anglo-Catholic. Underhill’s spiritual father was the Austrian Roman Catholic mystic Baron Friedrich von Hugel. He mentored her from 1921 until his death in 1924. Following his death, Underhill began leading spiritual retreats for the Church of England. Underhill was the first woman to officially lead such retreats for the Church as well as the first woman to lecture to Church of England clergy and to teach theology in British colleges and universities. She was awarded an honorary doctorate from Aberdeen University and became a fellow of King’s College, London. Underhill was also the editor of the conservative magazine The Spectator.


4 ratings

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  1. Michael Gore

    Michael Gore


    A collection of very important books in the history of Christian mysticism.
  2. Elizabeth Parker
  3. Allen Bingham

    Allen Bingham


  4. Mark Montfort

    Mark Montfort


    In college, Underhill's "Practical Mysticism" formed a part of the content for a meditation/spirituality group I participated in. Highly recommended. I'm looking forward to reading through her full length "Mysticism," which I found a bit daunting way back then. Her book "Worship" still sits in hardback on my bookshelf and I occasionally quote in sermons or classes I teach. I haven't read it cover to cover since college (and am looking forward to doing so in Logos format), but there are two or three really key insights I picked up from it that all these years later still resonate profoundly with me. I will try and update my review once the actual product is released, but am posting this so that hopefully more people can get in on the pre-pub price. Just the three I've mentioned alone would be worth the price to me.


Collection value: $84.89
Save $25.90 (30%)