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The Essential Carlstadt

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Although he was not an Anabaptist, Radical Reformer Andreas Bodenstein (Carstadt), 1486–1541, had a strong influence on the Anabaptist movement. In 1534, he joined the faculty at the University of Basel. A professor of biblical studies at Wittenburg, Carlstadt became involved in radical changes that brought him into conflict with Luther.

These 15 tracts, translated and edited by E.J. Furcha, represent the first major collection of Carlstadt’s writings in one volume. They give excellent insight into his faith and exemplary zeal as a reformer of the church “from below.”

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Key Features

  • Contains 15 tracts by Carlstadt
  • Provides insight into Carlstadt’s faith
  • Includes illustrations, indexes and appendixes to enhance the text


  • Tract on the Supreme Virtue of Gelassenheit (1520)
  • Regarding the Worship and Homage of the Signs of the New Testament (1521)
  • Regarding Vows (1522)
  • On the Removal of Images and That There Should Be No Beggars among Christians (1522)
  • Circular Letter by Dr. Andreas Bodenstein from Karlstadt regarding His Household (1522)
  • The Meaning of the Term Gelassen and Where in Holy Scripture It Is Found (1523)
  • Reasons Why Andreas Carlstadt Remained Silent for a Time and On the True, Unfailing Calling (1523)
  • The Manifold, Singular Will of God, the Nature of Sin (1523)
  • Regarding the Two Greatest Commandments: The Love of God and of Neighbor, Matthew 22 (1524)
  • Whether We Should Go Slowly and Avoid Offending the Weak in Matters Pertaining to God’s Will (1524)
  • Dialogue or Discussion Booklet on the Infamous and Idolatrous Abuse of the Most Blessed Sacrament of Jesus Christ (1524)
  • Regarding the Sabbath and Holy Days (1524)
  • Several Main Points of Christian Teaching Regarding Which Dr. Luther Brings Andreas Carlstadt under Suspicion through False Accusation and Slander (1525)
  • Apology by Dr. Andreas Carlstadt regarding the False Charge of Insurrection Which Has Unjustly Been Made against Him with a Preface by Dr. Martin Luther (1525)
  • On the Incarnation of Christ. A Sermon Preached by Dr. Andreas Bodenstein from Karlstadt, Archdeacon at Zurich, on the Occasion of His Farewell, in the Year of the Lord, 1534

Product Details

  • Title: The Essential Carlstadt: Fifteen Tracts by Andreas Bodenstein (Carlstadt) from Karlstadt
  • Editor: E.J. Furcha
  • Translator: E.J. Furcha
  • Publisher: Herald Press
  • Publication Date: 1995
  • Pages: 448
  • Christian Group: Anabaptist
  • Resource Type: Topical
  • Topic: Theology

About E.J. Furcha

E.J. Furcha is a professor of church history at McGill University. He has edited or translated numerous volumes on radical reformers like Schwenckfeld, Zwingli, Hans Denck, and Sebastian Franck.