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The Writings of Dirk Philips, 1504–1568

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This English translation from the original 1564 Dutch volume contains all the known writings of key Anabaptist leader Dirk Philips. Covering the incarnation, baptism and the Lord’s Supper, the sending of preachers, the tabernacle, the new birth, marriage, and more, Philips’ treatises are important contributions to the literature of early Anabaptism. Fully annotated with introductions, this volume is useful for general readers and scholars alike.

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Key Features

  • Contains all of Dirk Philips’ writings
  • Covers a variety of topics within Anabaptism
  • Offers an extensive index for easy reference

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About the Editors

Cornelius J. Dyck received his BA from Bethel College, his MA in history from Wichita State University, and his BD and PhD from the Divinity School of the University of Chicago. From 1958 to 1989 he taught historical theology and church history at the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries. For 21 years, Dyck served as director of the Institute of Mennonite Studies. He has contributed articles to The Mennonite Quarterly Review, encyclopedias, and papers.

William E. Keeney (1922–2006) received his bachelor’s degree from Bluffton College and his master’s and doctorate degrees from Hartford Theological Seminary. He taught at Bluffton College, Bethel College, and Kent State University. Keeney served on the editorial boards of Mennonite Quarterly Review and Mennonite Life.

Alvin J. Beachy (1913–1986) received his ThD from Harvard University Divinity School. He served as a pastor in several congregational churches in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Beachy taught at Bluffton College, Eastern Mennonite College, and Bethel College. He contributed articles to The Mennonite Quarterly Review, Mennonite Life, and Worship as Celebration of Covenant and Incarnation.