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Light from the East: Authors and Themes in Orthodox Theology

ISBN: 0722050813
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In Light from the East, Aidan Nichols has two main objectives: to identify a variety of dogmatic issues raised or discussed by Eastern Orthodox theology and to discover the character of the Eastern Orthodox tradition through a study of modern Orthodox dogmatic theologians.

Writing as a Catholic theologian himself, Nichols makes an important ecumenical contribution by offering this study of one tradition from the standpoint of another.

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  • Explores dogmatic themes and ideas which can be integrated into Catholic theology
  • Analyzes the work of modern Orthodox dogmatic theologians
  • Concentrates on contemporary Eastern Orthodox theology
  • Vladimir Lossky and Apophaticism
  • John Meyendorff and neo-Palamism
  • Sergei Bulgakov and Sophiology
  • John Romanides and neo-Photianism
  • Panagiotis Trembelas and Orthodox Christology
  • Nikolai Afanas’ev and Ecclesiology
  • George Florovsky and the Idea of Tradition
  • Alexander Schmemann and Liturgical Theology
  • Panagiotis Nellas and Anthropology
  • Christos Yannaras and Theological Ethics
  • Paul Evdokimov and Eschatology

Top Highlights

“Bulgakov, that is, wished to preserve the socialist ideal of Marx, but to strip it of all suggestion of determinism. Man must not be seen as a passive object swept along by the forces of economic development, but as a creative agent in history, freely acting in pursuit of fundamental values.” (Page 58)

“Bulgakov draws an all-pervasive analogy between nature and the structure of the inner-Trinitarian relationships.” (Page 62)

“But man knows truth as both ‘ideal’ (in the form of the coherent intelligibleness of conceptual contents) and ‘real’ (as referred to the actual splendour of reality).” (Page 62)

“both of these two great churches used political events to break up the ecclesiastical empire of the other” (Page 9)

“the structure of the Orthodox Church is the greatest problem facing the Orthodox today” (Pages 8–9)

An excellent introduction for those unfamiliar with this Eastern light, and a stimulating read for those already engaged in exploration and dialogue.

Priests and People

  • Title: Light from the East: Authors and Themes in Orthodox Theology
  • Author: Aidan Nichols
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 234

Aidan Nichols entered the Dominican Order in 1970. He is an academic and Catholic priest and has worked in Edinburgh, Oslo, Rome, and Cambridge, where he now lives. He is the author of The Art of God Incarnate and The Shape of Catholic Theology.


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    Digital list price: $49.99
    Save $13.00 (26%)