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Spirit and Life: Essays on Interpreting the Bible in Ordinary Time

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In Scripture Matters, biblical theologian and teacher Scott Hahn introduced ordinary lay Catholics to the Catholic approach to interpreting the Bible. His presentation of good, sound biblical scholarship dealt squarely with questions of historical criticism, the real presence, and the place of Scripture in Catholic teaching.

Now, in Spirit and Life, Hahn presents nine selected essays that teach the faithful to “read the Bible from the heart of the Church.” Hahn explains that Scripture is only fully received within the context of the Mass. The Bible and the liturgy were made for each other, and to read Scripture in the heart of the Church is to read it with Eucharistic eyes. It is here that we see the great juncture of love: written Word and incarnate Word.

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Key Features

  • Provides essays that help people read and understand the Bible
  • Contains nine poignant selections to grow the reader in their walk with God
  • Discusses complex concepts such as the reliability, efficacy, meaning, and importance of Sacred Scripture
  • Examines the relationship between liturgy and Scripture


  • Spirit
    • The Word of God as a Symphony
    • The Person and Prayer of Jesus: Reflections on the Biblical Christology of Pope Benedict XVI
    • The Hermeneutic of Faith: Pope Benedict XVI on Scripture, Liturgy, and Church
    • Scripture’s Liturgical Sense
  • Life
    • The Cathedral: Where Heaven and Earth Meet
    • Matthew: Gospel of Fulfillment
    • The Times of the Signs: Toward a Biblical Approach to “Pentecostal” Phenomena
    • Christ in Majesty, Scary Jesus
    • “My Words Are Spirit and Life”: Teachings from the Scriptural and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Top Highlights

“Kathedra here is a seat of religious and moral authority, from which wise men teach and guide. The German scholar Alexander Sand has written that ‘the kathedra Mouseos belonged as a seat of honor to the permanent furniture of the synagogue.… It was the official teaching chair for the scribes and Pharisees.… Their teaching is binding upon the people.’3 Jesus, indeed, distinguishes this ‘teaching chair’ from other seats that were merely honorific; for these latter He used a different, though related Greek word (see Mt. 23:6, protokathedriai).” (Page 102)

“‘dogma is by definition nothing other than an interpretation of Scripture.’21 Dogma is the Church’s infallible interpretation of the sacred text.” (Page 19)

“One thing we can say with certainty of the historical Jesus: His life was prayer.” (Page 17)

“the Church’s sacraments give us nothing less than ‘contemporaneity with Christ” (Page 37)

“Benedict opens new avenues for exegetes and theologians alike, clergy and laity, professors and seminarians—one in which we see the profound unity of the Old and New Testaments, Scripture and liturgy, Word and sacrament, theology and Church—a unity in service of God’s plan, which is a participation in the mystery. In this way, we all find ourselves in the liturgy, under the authority of mystery, drawn together into the drama of divine redemption, not as mere spectators but as true participants.” (Pages 57–58)

Praise for the Print Edition

Scott Hahn, in his writing, teaching and lectures, has helped so many people grasp more fully the wisdom of God found in the pages of sacred Scripture. His book, Spirit and Life: Essays on Interpreting the Bible in Ordinary Time, is one more example of his scholarship, teaching ability and personal appreciation of the Word of God. In this work he addresses in an engaging and informative manner how to “read the Bible from the heart of the Church.” Readers, whether one is a scholar or newly undertaking serious biblical study, will come to appreciate more deeply how the Word of God gives new meaning to the daily events of life.

—Donald W. Wuerl, archbishop of Washington DC.

The words ‘ordinary time’ in the title might mislead a browser into thinking that this book is a guide to the lectionary. It is not. The best sections present some of Pope Benedict XVI’s theological work, especially in the area of Scripture. Indeed, Hahn believes that the Holy Father’s biblical Christology will have the same impact on theology, preaching, and religious education as has John Paul II’s theology of the body. Connecting Scripture, liturgy, and the communal life of the Church creates a nexus for finding the real Jesus. And reading the Scriptures through the liturgy not only recovers the origins of the inspired texts but also gives them richer meaning for today. Once again, Dr. Hahn is to be thanked for his efforts to bring the Bible into the heart of the Church and her sons and daughters. Spirit and Life had much to offer me as a pastor and preacher.

—R. Daniel Conlon, bishop of Steubenville

Product Details

  • Title: Spirit and Life: Essays on Interpreting the Bible in Ordinary Time
  • Author: Scott Hahn
  • Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Pages: 157

About Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn has delivered numerous talks nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics related to Scripture and the Catholic faith. Hundreds of these talks have been produced on audio and video by St. Joseph Communications. His talks have been effective in helping thousands of Protestants and fallen away Catholics reembrace the Catholic faith. He is currently a professor of theology and Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and he’s the founder and director of the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology. In 2005, he was appointed Pope Benedict XVI Chair of Biblical Theology and Liturgical Proclamation at St. Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Hahn is also the bestselling author of numerous books, including The Lamb’s Supper, Reasons to Believe, and Rome Sweet Home. Scott received his BA in theology, philosophy, and economics from Grove City College, Pennsylvania, his Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and his PhD in biblical theology from Marquette University. He entered the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil, 1986.


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    Digital list price: $14.99
    Save $3.00 (20%)